Tantric erotic massages

If you are going through a period of great tension in your daily or work life, what you urgently need is a space of mental, physical and spiritual relaxation.

And what better than to receive a body-to-body erotic massage that immerses you in a different state of consciousness. With a tantra massage you will enter without realizing in a world free of any kind of negative emotion; something that will bring you great benefits for face your day to day.

A massage performed by a professional tantric masseuse will mean a before and after. It will take you to an ecstasy of such magnitude that you can only wait for the moment to repeat it.

But … what is a body-to-body tantric erotic massage given by a professional? 

This type of massage, which can be carried out indistinctly to men, women or even couples, consists of feeling how the naked body of the tantra masseuse moves smoothly and delicately over yours, also naked.

The masseur (or the masseur), with the body impregnated with oils, uses the tantric movements as a tool to lead you to a physical and spiritual pleasure so intense that it will allow you to find yourself with your true inner being.

It is a magical massage on the whole body, but with special emphasis on the Lingam or the Yoni, depending on whether it is a man or a woman. 

Keep in mind that orgasm or ejaculation are not the ultimate goal to achieve with a tantric erotic massage, but the main objective is to explore new sensations of pleasure away from the conditioning and duties to be traditional.

This is so, that the body-to-body massage brings enormous benefits, both physical, mental and spiritual.

The 6 main benefits of a body-to-body massage

Complete relaxation: emotional, physical and mental

When creating a climate of total intimacy you will forget the clock, the rush and you can dedicate yourself to feel the emotion produced by the sensual body of the masseuse.

In an environment with low light and relaxing music, you just have to let yourself be carried away by the sensations that begin to awaken little by little in your body and that will gently lead you to the most intense sexual arousal.

Finding yourself through emotions

Both Lingam and Yoni massage have the ability to free you from sexual traumas and any negative experience you have experienced with sex.

In this way, you will be able to find yourself, to release that part of you that you still have repressed and with that to achieve inner peace and happiness.

Increase sexual desire

When you see yourself completely free of the obligation to reach orgasm, erotic body-to-body massage greatly increases sexual desire, whether it is done alone with a professional masseuse or if it is carried out as a couple.

This increase in sexual desire undoubtedly contributes to strengthening the emotions and reaching fullness.

It takes you away from the sexual routine

There is nothing more overwhelming and discouraging within a relationship than falling into the sexual monotony.

Receive or give a body-to-body massage, stopping at the satisfaction of the other and

clothed both in the always magical environment of Tantra, makes the relationship between

members of the massage is dynamic and fun, which brings a breath of fresh air to the


Greater work and social performance

The body to body massage will make you feel valuable, desired, full. And soon you will see the benefits that this type of sensations will bring to your day to day.

Without hesitation, feeling good about yourself increases your work performance, in your studies and significantly improves social and family relationships.

Can you ask for more?

Power communication

The body to bosy massage has to focus on the stimulation of Lingam or Yoni, something

that communicates our body with its most sensitive side.

This will result in greater respect within the couple’s relationship and also in a large

mental opening. By favoring the feeling of intimacy within the couple, it will strengthen

also communication.

These are just some of the benefits of receiving a tantric body-to-body massage and

you, have you tried it? Do you know someone else?

Tell us your experience right now, we will love to hear from you!