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Yoni Massage in Barcelona, Does your life lack light and color?

If you feel that your mind is a cloud of negative thoughts, if your spirit is being bent and retreated into a space full of stressful situations or if sex in your life is an empty corner in which you have not enjoyed as much as you deserve, we are sure that a ​Yoni massage ​in Barcelona​ will give you the chance ​to meet again with yourself.

And we can give it to you

Our ​expert tantric erotic masseurs have in their hands that unique sexual pleasure that only a Yoni massage can give you. That combination between eroticism and tantra spirituality that will allow you to reach ecstasy. That warm and sensual enjoyment for your body with which you will finally get to join your inner being to commune with the Divine.

What is a Yoni massage?

Yoni, (​written: योन and pronounced ioni in Sanskrit), literally means “source of life”. And a Yoni massage is concretely an ​erotic tantric massage given in the female sexual organ​.

According to the Rig-veda, ioni means vagina, uterus, belly or vulva. That is, it makes a direct reference to the female reproductive organs. ​When the ioni joins the lingam or phallus ​it becomes the symbol of divine procreative energy par excellence.

The Kama-sutra, for its part, speaks of the ioni as the vulva and considers it a simple object of pleasure for man.

Despite its highly erotic component the goal of the Yoni massage is not that you achieve orgasm​. Even if orgasm is a positive and beneficial side effect, result of pleasure and communion that the masseuse achieves with your Yoni. By being free of pressures you can relax and move away from the anxiety that comes from having to climax.

Even so, the orgasm obtained by the Yoni massage is usually more intense, prolonged and pleasant than usual. And this happens because you do not have to wait for anything, you have to leave the mind free of all prejudice and desire to achieve achievements; the only objective is that you find yourself, that you enjoy and that you relax.

In short, the Yoni erotic massages have as ultimate goal the union with the Divine part that exists within you.

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How do you do a Yoni massage?

During the Yoni massage you will be lying on your back, naked and with your legs sprea​d so that the masseuse can sit between them.

The masseur (or the masseuse, depending on your preference) can cross her legs in a lotus position or place her legs on top of yours. You could even get on your knees in front of your genital area that will be completely exposed.

It is essential that you have your permission before starting work with your Yoni. This becomes especially important because if you are not warned you could perceive it as an invasion and cut off the positive energy at the root.

Also, you have to know that they will massage and caress parts of your body that may not give you any pleasure and others in which the pleasure you receive is immense. Among others, ​one of the phases of the Yoni massage is the unfolding of the yoni flower, the direct stimulation, entry into the temple and arrival at the goddess’s point to discover and stimulate your G-spot

Benefits of receiving an erotic Yoni massage in Barcelona

A Yoni massage consists of soft and subtle caresses and offers a myriad of benefits both physical, mental and psychic.

The massage in the Yoni contributes to:

  • Awaken and increase sexual desire.
  • Balance the emotions.
  • Achieve a superior knowledge of your own body.
  • Drive away negative thoughts.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Eliminate stress from day to day.
  • Improve mood.
  • Reach union with the Divine part itself.
  • Eliminate negative energy.

Are you in Barcelona? Come and enjoy our Yoni massages

The Yoni massage that our sculptural masseuses will provide you in our ​center of erotic massages of Barcelona​, ​​will suppose a unique and incomparable experience.

In an environment specially designed for you, endowed with a relaxed atmosphere, with sensual music, candles and Buddhist objects, sexual pleasure and ecstasy will come together in a perfect combination and will become an adventure of eroticism and spirituality.

You can come alone or in the company of your partner and ask for an attractive masseuse or a beautiful and elegant masseuse. In any case you will be in the hands of professionals, immersed in a session of erotic massages Yoni that will give you an intense sensory experience.

And do not worry about the price​, it will fit perfectly to the size of your pocket.

Our masseuses are eager to meet you, what are you waiting for to get in touch with us and ask for your ​Yoni massage​?

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