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We are sure that before performing your first erotic or tantric massage, a series of doubts or frequent questions arise. Then we will get you out of doubt so you can enjoy the best possible experience.

Since the Covid19 pandemic appeared, we have monitored the news and recommendations offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to carry out the most comprehensive prevention and protection measures for our clients and workers. Follow this link and find out about the preventive measures against COVID-19 applied by Dharma Massages.

An erotic massage is an experience of massage and eroticism, sensuality and relaxation mixed in one session, to offer you moments of disconnection and peace and fill you with good energy. This type of exciting massage culminates with a pleasant relaxation.

Tantra is a Western teaching of esoteric aspect that teaches how to use sexual energy to reach a higher degree of connection with your partner. Thanks to tantra, sexuality reaches another level, using techniques to prolong pleasure beyond sex, joining the couple both physically and spiritually, from conscious love. Unlike the erotic one, it does not have the goal of ejaculation, but to connect with oneself and with the couple to enjoy a pleasant moment without thinking about a purpose.

As we explain in more detail in our blog: Similarities and differences between tantra massage and erotic massage

The similarities between tantra and erotic massage are:
  • In both cases, the massage is sensual and erotic, applied to the whole body.
  • The goals of these types of massage are not only muscle relaxation, but also the stimulation of genital areas considered sacred by Hinduism: Lingam and Yoni. Prolonging and intensifying orgasm.
  • They greatly help to disintegrate both cultural and psychological sexual blockages and self-discovery.
  • You intensify your sexual energy, your imagination, your ability to feel pleasure.
  • It allows to cure or prevent sexual dysfunctions (lack of libido, lack of orgasm, premature ejaculation, impotence, vaginismus, among others)
  • Increases the levels of endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.
  • Increase of awareness and perception, of body sensitivity.
  • Open the possibility to the body to explore dry and multiple orgasms.
  •  Develop your ability to share affection and emotions.
  • It helps you to be happier with yourself, with your partner, your surroundings and with life.
The differences between tantra and erotic massage:
Erotic massage

Its purpose is to reach osgasm or ejaculation (Happy End) by stimulating the intimate part through massage the intimate part of the Yoni woman or the Lingam man, also in the posterior intimate part if you wish so. Therefore in Dharma Massages we are not merely a center of erotic massages, but we are dedicated and have as a philosophy the tantra massage and consequently the erotic one arises.

Tantric massage

The purpose of a tantric massage is never pleasure for pleasure itself, but is a means to awaken sensuality, sensibility and senses.

It is carried out through a ritual that awakens sexual energy to distribute throughout the nervous system. Activating the kundalini, thus channeling it through the central Sushumna channel, while purifying the body’s energy channels and harmonizing the chakras.

In summary, in the tantra massage includes the erotic massage, but the erotic does not include the tantric.

In Dharma massages we offer a fusion of tantra, erotic, therapeutic, relaxing, decontracting and even chiropractic massages.

You just have to ask us for the type of massage you need, and we will indicate the most appropriate massage therapist to offer your service. All our erotic masseuses are titled, but some have specific degrees in various techniques.

If you prefer a body to body massage, erotic, without manual finishing, you can also ask for it. Or a purely therapeutic and decontracting massage, too. You can choose how we should proceed in your massage. As we indicated earlier, our female and male masseurs are absolutely professional in the field of massage.

In our Dharma Massages center there are several options, our menu is one of the most extensive and complete that you can find in Barcelona: we offer massages from 100€ an hour and 70€ 30 min, although we advise the need for a minimum time of an hour for a better experience. Despite not specifying on our website, we adapt to our customers and some of the massages can be done in less time, whether 30 or 45 min.

MASSAGES DHARMA differentiates itself by innovating and always worrying about giving the best service to our clients, so our massages include an extensive variety such as: body to body, total interaction, tantra postures, nuru gel, prostate stimulation, erotic shower, erotic dance, bath of foams and mineral salts, erotic toys, shisha, fetishism, costumes, sensitive game, surprise ending, double and triple relaxation …

You can choose to do your massages, with a woman, man, gay or transsexual.

You can choose the massage that best suits you just by taking a look at our Dharma menu.

Massage Menu

We will be happy to advise you and help you choose, if you call us or come directly to our center, informing you without any commitment.

Depending on the massage you choose. From the Mutual massage, you can touch the naked skin of the masseuse, although she would guide you in terms of interaction. If you want full interaction with her, we recommend taking from the Nuru massage, where you could freely interact with the massage therapist of your choice.

If you can come without reservation and without prior notice, we are always ready to receive you.

In case you have a preference for a particular massage therapist, it is desirable that you make an appointment with her, to ensure that the massage therapist of your choice is available at the time that suits you. On the contrary, if you do not have preferences in this regard and prefer that we make a presentation, you can come without reservation and the receptionist of the shift will be responsible for presenting all the available massage therapists.

In the case of male masseurs or transsexual masseuses, they will always be by appointment.

The Lingam represents the fertilizing energy of Shiva (man), whose complement is the fertilizing energy of the matrix of Shakti (Woman) Yoni. In tantric sexuality, the sacred is manifested through bodily pleasure and as a means of achieving ecstasy and as an energy from which the miracle of life is generated, and lingam and yoni massage helps you both health and spiritual and mental

Lingam massage or the Yoni massage are a way of referring, in the tantric vocabulary, to manual terminations: they are masturbatory techniques that are responsible for prolonging orgasm.

No, Dharma massages can only offer you Lingam or Yoni massages.

We point out that it is NOT a “handjob” or masturbation, nor is consciously looking for ejaculation or orgasm, but that it is a consequence of it, natural, necessary and inevitable in the human body. It is a specialized massage in the intimate part, since both in the man and the woman there are some muscle tissues and some muscles that are directly involved in processes such as erection or ejaculation, therefore in our massages we should not do except for this, in addition to being part of sacred tantric sexuality.

The rates of couples massage vary depending on whether you want a masseuse or two, and also depending on the massage you choose since all our massages can be applied to couples and in all sexes.

From only 160€ you will have a very stimulating body to body massage where you can try and get started in the tantric world. Therefore, in Dharma Massages you can choose to be massaged or take the massage as a class and learn to give tantra-erotic massages to your partner.

All couples massage rates are specified in our menu of each massage or summarized in:

Erotic Massage for couples in Barcelona

Remember that especially for couples we include in the price of massage, chocolates, champagne and special decoration for the room, in addition to 25 min to enjoy your privacy. You also have the option to spend more time in the room or exclusively, without taking previously or later a massage, with the Lovers Offer.

Yes, we offer both home and outcall massage hotel services. You can receive a massage from a beautiful masseuse or even two masseurs at the same time, to enjoy a four hands massage, in the comfort of your home or hotel- They will be fully prepared with everything you need to make the ritual even more magical than in our Dharma massage center.

We have receptionists who speak Catalan, Spanish, English, Russian and Portuguese, because good communication with our clients has always been a priority in Dharma massages. Depending on the schedule you will find a different profile, but you just have to ask us in which language you prefer to be attended and the right person will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The massage therapists also speak several languages, because in Dharma Massages we also care about diversity for a better experience of our clients, you can choose:

  • Catalan female and Catalan male masseurs
  • Spanish female and Spanish male masseurs
  • Russian Female and Russian Male Massagers
  • Brazilian Female and Brazilian Male Massage
  • African Female and African Male masseurs (Cape Verde)
  • Moroccan female and Moroccan male masseurs (Arab)
  • Venezuelan female masseuse
  • Colombian female masseuse
  • Egyptian female masseuse
  • Thai female and transsexual masseuses
  • Brazilian Shemale masseuse

Yes, although we charge a small supplement in the case of payment by card or other currency.

Dharma Massages is located in a building without a doorman, on the second mezzanine floor. We have disabled access if you need it. It is a very private and discreet access, thanks to which you can protect your privacy.

The extras work as additional services that you can add to your chosen massage and make your tantric experience even more complete. For example, you can add in the Mutual Massage a second termination, or an erotic shower, or perhaps simply shisha to enjoy a prelude of relaxation and well-being before going to be treated.

In our Massage Menu you will find all the different extras you can choose.

Effectively. Our suites have large showers or bathtubs where you can wash both before and after the massage. We have shower gel and shampoo for your comfort.

Yes. At the end of the massage, our masseuse will go for the hygiene kit that includes deodorant, comb, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, peppermint candies… Everything so that your session is the most complete, comfortable and professional possible.

Yes, we will offer you a 10% discount on your second visit to Dharma Massages if a friend of yours comes recommended by you and provides us with your data to be able to recognize you on your next visit.

We are very aware of the privacy of our customers. You will never meet other people, beyond the receptionist of the shift and the masseuse you have chosen. Our place is absolutely discreet and private.

The photos of our erotic masseuses are 100% real and exclusive only for our center. We have a professional photographer who takes the photos so that our clients can choose the masseuse according to their preference. The subsequent photoshop of the photos, unlike other massage centers, is imperceptible and the live masseur / masseuse is absolutely recognizable.

Yes, of course you can cancel the appointment or change it for another time or day. You can call or write us and we change the day, or we cancel your reservation.

For couples, we always have the most spacious room with the largest futon ready for your comfort, apart from a special romantic decoration made with red candles, aromatic rose petals, heart-shaped balloons of different colors, to give you a sensual and cozy atmosphere. In addition, we offer glasses of champagne and chocolates to enjoy the moment with the best accompaniments.

After the massage session, the couples have 25 minutes to enjoy the suite in their privacy and relive the experience of the tantric massage that the two have just had, in their exclusive privacy.

The first erotic massage can be an exciting but nervous experience at the same time. What you can expect, probably, is something beyond what your imagination can reach: absolute relaxation and disconnection that will lead you to intense and memorable orgasms that will make you tremble with diverse and very pleasant sensations. Our first-time clients always leave absolutely satisfied despite the initial hesitation and wanting to repeat the session.

Yes. Our building has disabled access.

No. Erotic massages are intended for both men, women, and trans, as well as couples, because the erotic massage covers all audiences and reunites with one with his own sexuality regardless of gender or orientation. To achieve this end, Dharma Massages has a staff of heterosexual or bisexual female masseuses, bisexual or gay male masseurs, heterosexual male masseurs or trans masseuses, to cover all audiences who wish to live an experience of unique sensuality and eroticism.

Sure. You can come alone or with one or more friends.

The tantra massage includes the Lingam or Yoni massage, which is an aware massage of the intimate area that allows all sensitive areas to be stimulated, delaying the moment of orgasm as much as possible so that its arrival is more lasting and intense.

In all the massages of our Menu, the masseuses go entirely naked, excluding the Body to Body in which they go topless.

Because in Dharma Massages we not only offer eroticism and tantra or a range of professional masseuses with long and demonstrable experience in the sector, but we also try to take care of every detail so that your experience here is unrepeatable and unmatched: from neat and luxuriously decorated rooms, to an attentive and impeccable reception, an erotic massage with all the ingredients to drive you crazy with pleasure, and free drinks (soft drinks and water). In our center, you will receive high-level attention, where we will pamper you to the fullest and work so that every wish of yours is fulfilled.

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