There are many myths about squirting that we want to address in this article. Whether you have heard stories about it, have seen it in a video, or have had a personal experience, there is still a lot of interest in this enigmatic topic.

Most people think of it as a big splash of fluids during sex. However, as sexual myths suggest, this is not always the case. It is actually a remarkable amount of discharge from the urethra, according to some research.

What is squirting? What is female ejaculation?

Squirting is the term used to define the fluid that is released from the vaginal canal during orgasm. However, women may not experience squirting during orgasm, and those who do may do so from time to time. A rapid expulsion of urine from the bladder is part of this form of orgasm.

Skene gland secretions are often involved in the jet of fluid. Since they act similar to the male prostate, the skene glands are often referred to as the female prostate.

Female ejaculation is the term for a squirting orgasm. However, it should be clarified that there is a distinction between squirting, female ejaculation and incontinence during sexual intercourse, according to some studies. In everyday language, however, the word squirting is used to describe all three.

What are the most common squirting myths?

It must be said that most women dream of having a once-in-a-lifetime sexual experience. If they can’t achieve squirting, they can get frustrated. Therefore, understanding the myths about squirting and the realities of sex can help overcome any wrong assumptions that may be holding you back.

Some of the sexual myths surrounding squirting are outlined below.

Squirting is a huge stream of liquid

This is one of the most common squirting myths that we must debunk. The scenes that appear in adult videos have led many women astray.

Squirting is represented as voluminous jets of liquid. However, it is something that is done to add more excitement to the videos. It is not mandatory to expel large amounts of liquid to squirt. This is a sexual myth that is not true.

Also, during sex, various amounts of fluid are released. Some women discharge enough fluid to wet the bed, while others create a “stream”, and others just drip.

Since the amount of fluid released is not enough to be visible, some women may mistake squirting for normal vaginal lubrication. The truth is that it all comes down to our bodies. Some women may feel it, while others may not, yet we are all normal.

Squirting occurs during orgasm

This is one of the sexual myths about squirting that you should never believe. Orgasm does not necessarily produce squirting. In fact, a woman can experience squirting before, during, or after an orgasm. Squirting does not require an orgasm; it is just an illusion caused by this sexual myth. This female ejaculation can occur spontaneously as long as your body receives the right amount of pleasure.

The important thing here is to understand how your body reacts to sexual stimulation, since that way it can release the liquid more quickly than when you have an orgasm. It is also good to share with your partner and explain that squirting does not indicate that you have reached orgasm, since it is only a sexual myth.

Any woman can squirt if she uses the same technique

It’s another one of the myths about squirting that doesn’t really have any basis. Our bodies are all different; As a result, the squirting experience is different. Furthermore, there is no single valid approach that works the same for all women. So don’t be fooled by this myth about female ejaculation.

Some techniques are quick to get women excited, while others take a long time to show results. You should also keep in mind that the anatomy of each woman’s vagina is different.

There are women who have the skene gland, which produces the fluid that is discharged during squirting, and others do not. It may also be that some women ejaculate with a sex toy, but it may not work for others. It is one of the sexual myths about squirting that you must know and put aside if you want to have a healthy sex life.


These are just a few of the many squirting myths to be aware of. It is not a fact that any woman can experience squirting in her sexual intercourse. The truth is that many sexual stereotypes of female ejaculation have influenced women’s attitudes towards sex.

We hope the explanations above have alleviated some of your squirting concerns. On the other hand, if you are trying to squirt it is important to follow some safety recommendations.

For example, it is not a good idea to put too much pressure on the G-spot, as in some women this can be a bit painful. Also, it is very important to pay attention to your body and do what really makes you happy. It could be much more difficult to reach an orgasm or experience squirting if you are overly nervous or stressed.