If you want to live the unforgettable experience of receiving erotic massages in Barcelona and discover, through our sensual tantric massages, the most erogenous zones of your body, we are waiting for you. You can come without company or with your partner, and enjoy together the beauty and exquisiteness of our expert tantra masseurs. And the best, all at competitive prices and tailored to your needs.


In the center of Dharma Massages, you will find an intimate and personal space, in which you will be able to reencounter with your inner being and with your own sexuality, at the same time that you will enjoy an incomparable erotic experience. ¡Sex is not offered!

Relax with our tantra massage in Barcelona and discover the emotion of eroticism and sensuality


  • Sex is not offered – Only Lingam | Yoni Endings

  • Facilities – High Standing Buddhist decoration

  • Discretion and Hygiene – Our main priority


In our Dharma Massage Center, we strive to offer originality and quality, always accompanied by good taste. We put at your disposal expert professional masseurs, who from the first moment will make you feel their closeness and kindness, whether you attend alone or with the company of your partner.

The smallest detail of our facilities has been thought to offer you an experience without equal. An intimate decoration, warm ambience, exquisite aromas, relaxing music and of course, the most careful hygiene, will help you to live the subtle caresses of the tantric massage as a true religious experience destined to awaken your conscience, through pleasure. The team of masseurs of Dharma Massages is formed by sculptural men and women, whose beauty, kindness, education and sensuality, will conquer you from the first moment. Their elaborate professional techniques will make you want to repeat the experience over and over again. We assure you that once you try one, you will return to know all our modalities of massages.

filosofía en masajes tantricos

We have several rooms with different settings to stimulate your five senses. Some of them have whirlpool and jacuzzi. Our desire is that, in our private spaces, you obtain the greatest sensation of pleasure and relaxation in your life. We wish that your experience becomes a truly intimate, personal and magical experience, inspired from the beginning to the end in the thousand-year-old tantric massages.

Unlike other centers of the same type, ​in our massage center in Barcelona​, ​​erotic masseurs are not escorts, but are true professionals of tantra massage for couples or for single people. If you come with your partner and both of you wish it, at the end of the massage we will put at your disposal a room so that you can enjoy a private moment of intimacy alone.

When you arrive at our Dharma Massage Center, a beautiful and friendly receptionist will welcome you. Whether you come alone or with your partner, she will take care of guiding you through all the erotic massage options we offer. She will explain in detail the purpose of the tantric massage, a massage that is not based on oral sex or penetration, but in the search for a state of peace, relaxation and pleasure. Tantra massage has been created to disconnect from the stresses caused by everyday life.
In a room reserved especially for you to feel comfortable and treated in the most respectful intimacy, the receptionist will advise you on our extensive massage menu, and then, depending on your choice, will give you access to the corresponding room.

tipos de masajes tantricos

Our tantric massage center is designed for both men and women and in the same way, you can freely choose a male or female masseuse. You will also have the possibility to customize any of the massages with supplements specially designed to increase your pleasure. At all times we will be willing to answer your questions.

masaje erotico ideal

We have a large number of options that we put at your disposal. Among them, you will find the following ones:

  • Tantric massage Dharma: It is an erotic and sensual massage on a tatami or stretcher and, although you can not caress your masseuse, you will feel that you are pampered and cared for at all times.
  • Dharma body to body massage: It is the ideal massage if what you want is to fully feel the body of your masseuse.
    Mutual massage Dharma: It is the only interactive massage in which you can, at the same time that you are massaged, intimately caress your masseuse.
  • Four-handed massage Dharma: A massage performed by two people, who will look for your most erogenous and sensitive points.
    Nuru Dharma Massage: Born in Japan, the fully nude masseuse uses a special gel called Nuru, made with natural extracts.
  • Extreme Lust Dharma Massage: An extremely pleasurable massage that fuses all the techniques of the massage menu, plus some additional details.
    Dharma Prostatic Massage: A sublime pleasure for men. This is one of the most demanded tantric massages.
  • Massage for couples Dharma: An ideal massage to recover the sexuality and eroticism in the couple.
    Massage for women: Feel a Greek goddess;choose your male or female masseuse and freely enjoy the pleasure of an erotic massage.
  • Massage à la carte: Organize your massage as you wish and enjoy as never before a massage made exclusively to your needs.

The benefits that are obtained from a professional tantric massage are innumerable, both physically, as well as sexual, emotional and spiritual.

On a physical level: the erotic tantric massage will contribute to body relaxation and help to fight diseases caused by blockages in the chakras. You will gain in energy and vitality.

On a sexual level: it is a great combatant of impotence and premature ejaculation. It increases libido and, at the same time, contributes to all those who have difficulty reaching orgasm.

beneficios del masaje tantrico

On an emotional level: it helps to heal wounds of the past, purifies bad feelings and provides incentives to recover the passion and enthusiasm to live. Increases self-esteem and inner harmony.

On a spiritual level​: through the channeling of sexual energy, it allows us to know ourselves and, at the same time, become a channel of love and virtue for the life of others.

mejorar la vida en pareja

Those who have lost eroticism and sexual desire with their partner, will see their relationship renewed in all possible aspects. There are innumerable couples who attend our center in Barcelona and who, after receiving their first tantric massage, return to tell us that they have broken down the barriers that prevented them from feeling in freedom, which has increased between desire, complicity and mutual trust.

Come to our ​Dharma Massage Center in Barcelona and enjoy the incomparable pleasure of receiving a tantra massage for couples or just for you, from the hand of our best professional masseurs.
Relax with our tantra massage in Barcelona and discover the emotion of eroticism and sensuality.

Relax with our tantra massage in Barcelona and discover the emotion of eroticism and sensuality