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Laser hair removal at Dharma Massages

At Dharma Massages we want to expand our audience, our reach in the field of beauty treatments, and, apart from our famous tantric massages and erotic waxing, we have also decided to incorporate the laser hair removal service in Barcelona, ​​both for men as for women.

At Dharma Massages we have the collaboration of expert masseurs, some trained in chiropractic massage and relaxing massage, others specialized in erotic and tantra massage, and others who combine both massage branches to achieve the best sensations of body relaxation, internal harmony and pleasure. Now, too, we have professional estheticians trained in laser hair removal, with an experience of approximately 16 years and who use the latest pulsed light technologies to achieve highly satisfactory results in the shortest possible time.

What exactly is laser hair removal and to whom does it apply?

Laser hair removal or photoepilation, also called IPL, is a gradual method that achieves, through sessions, the total elimination of body or facial hair. It is a popular, safe and side effect-free way to permanently remove hair through the use of laser light, also called pulsed light. Painless method thanks to its refrigerated head. Pulsed light detects only the color for which it was designed and protects the surrounding tissue, without causing any damage. It is a team that has interchangeable filters to select the most suitable wavelength for each treatment and each client. It can be carried out on all types of skin and hair color, except whites.

However, some precautions to take when you want to proceed with laser hair removal are the following: avoid exposure to the sun or UVA rays the day before the first laser session, the day of the session and the next day, avoid bleaching, dye or pluck the hair to be epilated with a laser, otherwise use only shaving to improve the effects of the laser and keep the area hydrated. 

Our specialist in this service has approximately 16 years of experience in the field, collaborates with Dharma Massages by scheduled appointment, that is, with stipulated dates that we will make known to those who are interested, since it also collaborates with other beauty centers and salons . The specialist will explain in detail the procedures to follow, in addition to assigning the number of sessions you need for total hair removal, depending on the area and the type of hair. You can consult us the day of the next session.

The treatment will take place on the table in our center, with relaxing background music so that you can enjoy a state of calm and relaxation during the minutes of the session.

If you still have doubts, the receptionists of the Dharma Massage center are 24 hours available to solve them and provide you with all the information you need.

Important note: the laser hair removal specialist will not provide erotic or tantric massage services, in case you want to combine your laser hair removal session with a massage, our erotic-tantric massage specialists can provide you with the desired service, after the laser treatment.

Female Laser Hair Removal

  • Lips 15€

  • Chin 30€

  • Sideburns or cheeks 20€

  • Neck 35€

  • Armpits 30€

  • Groins 30€

  • Brazilian groins 40€

  • Complete groins 50€

  • Perianal area 30€

  • Whole legs 110€

  • ½ legs 70€

  • Thighs 80€

  • Buttocks 40€

  • Feet (instep and toes) 15€

  • Arms 60€

  • Hands and fingers 10€

  • White line upper 20€

  • White line lower 20€

  • Abdomen 40€

  • Halolas 20€

  • Shoulders 20€

  • Lower lumbar back 30€

  • Photorejuvenation (Face+neck+neckline) 60€

  • Acne (By zone) from 50€

Male Laser Hair Removal

  • Sideburns or cheeks 20€

  • Beard line 20€

  • Armpits 40€

  • Complete groins 60€

  • Perianal area 35€

  • Whole legs 140€

  • Buttocks 50€

  • Feet (instep and toes) 15€

  • Arms 100€

  • Hands and fingers 15€

  • White line upper 25€

  • White line lower 25€

  • Abdomen 50€

  • Thorax 70€

  • Shoulders 20€

  • Upper back 80€

  • Lower lumbar back 40€

  • Photorejuvenation (Face+neck+neckline) 60€

  • Acne (By zone) from 50€


3 or 4 zones you will get 10% discount

5 or 6 zones you will get 15% discount

7 or more zones you will get 20% discount

Examples of price packs for women

Armpits + Groins + ½ legs =  117€

Lips + Armpits + Full Groins + Perianal area + Whole legs = 199€


3 or 4 zones you will get 10% discount

5 or 6 zones you will get 15% discount

7 or more zones you will get 20% discount

Examples of prices for men’s packs

Armpits + Abdomen + Thorax + Full Groins + Perineal + Whole legs = 335€

Upper back + Lumbar back + Thorax + abdomen = 216 €


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