In this article, the main topic to be discussed are the erogenous points or erogenous zones of the male body. Traditionally, according to popular culture, male erogenous zones are few and limited to their sexual organs; however, the man’s body has an infinite number of very sensitive areas that most people are unaware of. In most cases, as there is little communication on issues of sexuality in the couple, many men do not fully experiment with their bodies and do not know which points give them more pleasure than others.

These erogenous zones can be discovered and stimulated through tantric massage, which would help the client to get to know their own body, as well as during sex, if there is communication with the sexual partner and the desire to please the other in different ways.

To know all the erogenous and sensitive zones of the male body, keep reading below.

The penis and scrotum

Both areas are extremely sensitive as they contain a multitude of nerve endings.

As for the penis, it is the erogenous zone par excellence, especially the glans or frenulum area, where sensitivity is most concentrated. These areas can be stimulated with a variety of techniques, from light touches on the skin that would produce a very pleasant tingling, or more direct and constant massages in the area. In addition, to improve the experience, the lips and soft licks can be used, both through the shaft of the penis or just focused on the glans: the sensation of moisture will enhance the pleasurable effects.

The scrotum is the bag of skin where the testicles are located, an extremely sensitive area that can be stimulated through touch, either with fingers or nails. What really gives them pleasure is the stimulation of the scrotum, that is, of the skin, not so much of the testicles themselves. You have to be careful with the area, since it is a sensitive area for any man that can cause pain with any sudden movement.


A point sometimes ignored that causes a lot of pleasure is the ear and the earlobe, whether through kisses and licks in the area, or dirty words during sexual intercourse, it is an area that is easily stimulated and generates immense pleasure.

You can also use your fingers to lightly tug on the lobe, gently, and repeat the process. This, combined with a passionate kiss, can lead to immediate arousal.

The ear is not only an erogenous zone, but also an extremely erotic one that will transport any man to paradise. Despite not being an explicitly sexual part of the body, it is an area where adequate stimulation will produce indescribable pleasure.

G point

It is a gland that is located at the entrance to the male anus. Although the area is a taboo area for many men, this gland, when stimulated, can intensify the orgasm and make it much more powerful.

There are many men who refuse to experiment through this medium, however, currently more and more couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, decide to embark on the adventure of discovering their own body and sexuality, leaving aside prejudices.

Nape and neck

The nape and neck are very sensitive areas that can be stimulated through the fingers, with a pen or with the lips, to enhance arousal during sexual intercourse; this will make any man go crazy. Although both areas have traditionally been attributed to female pleasure, both the nape and the neck can perfectly make any man surrender to so much pleasure.

In addition, there are many men who have a preference for female nails; lightly feeling the brush of the nails on the nape and neck while you kiss is a sure way to increase your arousal.


In conclusion, the male body can be very sensitive to touch and produce extreme pleasure, regardless of whether the sexual organs are stimulated or not. In addition, for a good relationship it is essential to know your partner’s body and preferences, since over time sex can become a monotonous task and it is important to know how to spice up the moment with new experiences, sensations and surprises for your partner.

What are you waiting for to embark on your self-discovery process?