Whether you are new to Yoni massage or have previous experience in massaging the vagina, you will be pleased to know that there are numerous benefits for physical and mental health. In fact, in this article we explain how a Yoni massage helps your physical and mental health.

First of all, what is a Yoni massage?

Yoni massage is a sexual practice that consists of stimulating the vaginal area. Yoni, which means sacred door in Sanskrit, is the Sanskrit word for vagina. This discipline has a history that is intertwined with tantra and tantric massage.

Although it is an erotic massage intended to release sexual energy, orgasm is not the main purpose, although many women experience it.

Different ways a Yoni massage helps your physical and mental health

Yoni massage has many health benefits for women. Take a look at the benefits that Yoni massage therapy brings to women experiencing stimulation in the pelvic area.

Yoni massage promotes healing

A Yoni massage can help in the recovery of women who have suffered sexual abuse. Those who experience bad thoughts about sex may have negative feelings about both the male and female genitalia.

Fortunately, all of these emotions can be released through vaginal intimacy. That is, when a woman receives a Yoni massage, her brain associates the female genitalia with positive and happy aspects.

It’s good for your mental health

An erotic Yoni massage is ideal to help with mental health problems, particularly anxiety and sadness. That’s because you will have more time to connect with yourself on a deeper level and explore the possibilities of pleasure.

Helps you improve your sex life

Experiencing Yoni massage is also a great way to enhance or add passion to your sex life. When you receive an erotic Yoni massage, you learn how wonderful and exciting the stimulation of the vaginal canal is. Whether you experience this sensation alone or through a massage session as a couple, your sexual experiences will become more exciting, and as a result you will enjoy spending more time in the bedroom.

Reduces the pain of the menstrual cycle

One of the main benefits of Yoni massage, according to many women, is that it helps reduce pain during menstrual cycles. That is, stimulating the vaginal area can help relieve pain, since the Yoni massage increases blood flow in your genital area.

You can have better orgasms

As stated at the beginning, the purpose of the Yoni massage is not to induce orgasm. However, regular exploration can help you achieve better and more intense orgasms. This could be because you are learning more about your body, experiencing a new form of pleasure, or simply learning where you prefer to be touched and stimulated.

Helps you improve your body confidence

Experimenting with the Yoni massage can help you if you have self-esteem problems, you are afraid of being naked in front of your partner. One of the most positive aspects of Yoni massage is that it not only increases women’s confidence, but also improves their sexual desire.

As a result, the erotic Yoni massage makes women love having sex with their spouse, regardless of their body.

Allows you to achieve a higher sense of yourself

This is another way that Yoni massage helps your mental health. That is, Yoni massage is comparable to tantra because it facilitates the connection with oneself. The techniques used during a vaginal massage session unblock channels that allow you to experience a greater sense of yourself, both in your body and in your mind.

If you have pain during sex, the Yoni massage can help you

Yoni vaginal massage can help if you have difficulties with sex. Many women are unable to fully enjoy sexual intercourse because intercourse causes pain.

The good news is that by stimulating the vaginal area, along with the breathing exercises involved in this act, it is possible to help relax the vaginal muscles. Thanks to this, women feel calmer and without experiencing pain during sexual intercourse.

What happens during a Yoni massage?

Generally speaking, this is a bit of what happens when you get a Yoni massage:

  • Body cleanliness is a fundamental aspect to fully enjoy the Yoni massage. Therefore it is recommended to take a shower before the massage session.
  • Once the massage begins, it is essential that you focus on your breathing.
  • You will be in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Stimulation can begin with gentle touches on your upper body, including your breasts.
  • Upon reaching the vagina, the masseuse begins to stimulate you, making sure to massage the area around your clitoris in small circular motions.
  • You may also be asked to roll over to focus on your back so that you can enjoy a more intense orgasm, if it occurs.