Valentine’s Day is a long-awaited celebration for couples: a special day to commemorate love and romance, both for newly formed couples and for those who have been together for a long time and want to rekindle the flame of passion.

It is common, for this special day, for couples to give each other gifts, write love letters, dedicate songs to each other and go out to dinner at a restaurant. However, in recent times it has become a more innovative and striking idea to attend an erotic massage for couples.

Read on to learn more about this new practice that is spreading among couples who want to rediscover sex and eroticism from a different perspective and more in tune with their desires.

Why choose a Tantra massage for Valentine’s Day?

If you are tired of the more traditional methods of celebrating this special day and want to introduce a different touch in your relationship, a Tantra Massage for couples is the most ideal. It is a proposal that seems shocking at first, but it is an unforgettable experience, where passion, union, spirituality and eroticism will reign.

A couple that has managed to master the art of Tantra is a spiritually awakened and elevated couple. Tantric sex is nothing more than the possibility of transcending the carnal and obtaining a sexual experience based on the union of the spirit with the flesh. Through breathing techniques, as well as tantric postures and relaxing massage, our Tantra masseurs and masseuses will allow you to be able to enter this divine world where sex has a higher value and where satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are several options that you can choose from, between a Tantra Massage for couples where you would be together in the same room, such as giving your partner an individual Tantra massage. Or a mixture of both, where you could receive your erotic-tantric massage individually and get together at the end of the session in one of our rooms, to spend the last minutes of intimacy together.

Tantra massage for couples

Imagine an intimate, placid and erotic atmosphere, a room illuminated by the dim light of candles, tantric music, a bath with foams along with two glasses of Champagne… Isn’t it exciting?

With this option, your Valentine will be a memorable experience. At the beginning, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing bath together with the chosen erotic masseuses or erotic masseurs. This will help you create the necessary connection to obtain a session that will guarantee pleasure and eroticism. Later, the Tantra therapists will provide you with pleasure through Tantra techniques and relaxing massage, which will allow you to enter an almost trance state. The massage can end with or without orgasm. If you choose to finish with Lingam and Yoni, the masseuses will begin to caress your intimate area until you feel intense sensations that will lead you to irremediable ecstasy. Then, you can relax on the tatamis, feeling the last pulsations of pleasure leaving your body.

In addition, in all the couple massages that we offer at Dharma Massages, you can have 20 minutes of intimacy at the end of the massage. So at the end of the massage, you will be able to have your privacy to enjoy your partner’s body and strengthen your bond of love.

Individual Tantra Massage

However, if you consider yourself a more modern and liberal couple and prefer to have an individual massage, separate from the other, it is also a great option. The Tantra masseurs and masseuses who collaborate with us are professionals who will offer you a relaxing as well as an erotic massage. They will pamper you to the fullest. For the first time, you will be able to relax and feel like the kings of our center.

Benefits of a Tantra Massage on Valentine’s Day

The benefits of a Tantra Massage on Valentine’s Day are several and we mention them below:

  • Discover sacred sex and feel new sensations: thanks to Tantra, you will be able to discover the most divine side of sex and practice it with your partner in your intimacy, as well as learn new techniques to provide pleasure to the other. You will be able to see what excites your partner the most, what makes them vibrate, what areas of the body give them the most pleasure…
  • Live an experience that will revive the flame of passion: if sex has become routine and monotonous within your partner, rediscovering the other’s body helped by Tantra therapists will help you return passion and eroticism to your relationship. They will guide you to get to know the pleasures of Tantra in depth and to reconnect with your feminine and masculine side, for an even more complete experience.
  • You can enjoy our rooms: the jacuzzi, the champagne, the chocolates, the shisha, the tatami, the aroma of incense, the relaxing and sensual music, everything is arranged in such a way that it immerses you in an environment of relaxation, sensuality and romanticism. Our luxury rooms will be prepared down to the smallest detail for the comfort of your senses.

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