Erotic massage is one of the most powerful ways to relieve tension and relax completely. It is also recognized to help improve circulation and cure a variety of diseases. In this article we will talk about the 7 things that make a difference during an erotic massage.

In other words, there are some aspects that make massage an exceptional and unforgettable experience. And precisely, in Dharma Massages we are proud to know each of these details to provide clients with the best massage.

Even if it is a massage at home, or a hotel massage, we offer you unique aspects that will allow you to fully enjoy your erotic massage. What type of massage do you like the most? The mutual massage? Nuru massage? The prostate massage? Whichever you choose will include all of the details below.

7 things that make the difference in an erotic massage

1. The perfume in the room

We are aware that the environment in which the massage is performed must be extremely pleasant, not only for the person receiving the massage, but also for the masseuse or masseur.

This is why we pay a lot of attention to scents, as good smells give people a sense of familiarity. As a result, those who receive erotic massage feel much more comfortable.

Therefore, there are certain fragrances or perfumes, such as jasmine, cinnamon, and almonds, that have essential notes that stimulate sexual urges. This type of aromas can be enjoyed during an erotic massage session.

2. Lighting is another key factor

The lighting during the erotic massage is a detail that is never overlooked. Because atmosphere is essential, we strive to further enhance privacy by using appropriate lighting.

Using the correct lighting during an erotic massage is very important, since the person receiving the erotic massage relaxes completely. This is because lighting promotes relaxation.

3. Music cannot be missing

Of course, this is to the taste of each client, so they may prefer a noise-free environment. Otherwise, the choice of music is also a key aspect that leads to a deeper state of relaxation.

For example, romantic and relaxing music has the ability to sharpen the senses of the person who enjoys the time spent in the massage room, regardless of the type of erotic massage they are receiving.

4. Oil for massage

One of the most important factors in an erotic massage is precisely the massage oil. Its importance lies in the fact that it softens and provides warmth to the palms of the masseuse.

But that’s not all, it also facilitates a comfortable grip of the hands throughout the body. Thanks to this, the massage experience is more pleasant. Of course, in all cases we make sure to select massage oil with caution, as odors that are too strong can be distracting, not to mention that not all smells are aphrodisiacs.

Massage, on the other hand, does not begin with the application of oil because some massage techniques are used to release tension from extremely tense muscles.

5. The experience of the masseurs

The effectiveness of an erotic massage is directly related to the experience of the masseurs. At Dharma Massages we focus on the preparation of the masseuses and masseurs, not only in terms of massage techniques, but also in terms of dealing with clients.

In addition to all this, the greatest assets of the masseurs are sensuality, elegance and individualized attention to each client. As a result, the experience of a masseuse is reflected in the level of relaxation that she manages to provide the client during the massage.

6. Exciting and fine lingerie

Another aspect that makes the difference in an erotic massage has to do with lingerie. Of course, the dress of the masseuse is crucial for the client’s relaxation.

Because erotic massage involves sensual touches, the clothing she wears should excite the person receiving the massage. In other words, a fine and exciting lingerie, manages to stimulate all your senses.

Although it is true that in erotic massages the masseuses do not wear clothes, we can satisfy fantasies by making the masseurs wear very fine underwear, and extremely exciting.

7. Language during massage

A masseuse will never talk too much to a client. But undoubtedly the sound of the masseuse’s voice is maintained during the massage session, in keeping with the general atmosphere of the salon.

This, like other particular aspects, is an important characteristic that contributes to the well-being of the client when he chooses an erotic massage in Dharma Massages.

All these details that we have described, contribute to producing great sensations in our clients, while they enjoy an erotic massage.