Masaje Cuerpo a Cuerpo

The Body to Body Massage is the name of the first of our massages; At first glance, it may seem simpler and more basic than the rest, but it is not like that. The Body to Body massage in Barcelona is an extremely exciting massage where the most remarkable feature is the game of seduction, the restriction of interacting with the masseuse and the final pleasure, in an explosive and overwhelming lingam, that this generates. In a Body to Body massage you have the pleasure of feeling the whole body of the masseuse rubbing against yours to generate different sensations. The mixture of the friction of her body, the heat, the hot oil on your skin, the dim light and the ambiental music will make you feel transported to a world of fantasy, eroticism and well-being.

First you will take a shower in the suite and then you will stretch on the mat, allowing yourself to relax each muscle and lose the thread of your thoughts. The beautiful erotic masseuse that you have chosen will get naked and settle on your body to delight you with an unforgettable body-to-body massage, where her whole body will be in charge of providing maximum pleasure and enjoyment to yours. Her movements will be erotic, seductive and bewitching … Sometimes you can turn your head and observe through the mirror how her feline body leans and tenses to satisfy you, or how her lips half open panting for the excitement of the moment. Our masseurs give off a natural and very seductive femininity that will leave you captivated during your session: everything in them, both their gestures, their flirtatious way of walking, their way of massaging or softly speaking into your ear.

You will feel relaxed, renewed and free when you stand up to take the final shower. We assure you a new experience that will be unforgettable, thanks to the effort of our masseuse and the impeccable service you will receive in our luxurious center of erotic and tantric massages.

  • A ​Body to Body massage allows a limited interaction with the masseuse, but it is ideal to increase the level of excitement and generate morbidity in the meeting, sexual tension and great final satisfaction.
  • Body to Body massage focuses on your most erogenous zones to extract the maximum pleasure from parts of your body that you had never imagined.
  • A Body to Body massag​e allows you to release stress, relax and provide you with that instant of disconnection that is so necessary to face the day with positivity and good energy.
  • In the ​Body to Body massage you will learn forms of eroticism and sensuality that go beyond the purely erotic.
  • Double relaxation – 30€

  • Prostate massage – 60€

  • Striptease – 20€

  • Nuru – 30€

  • Erotic toys – 20€

  • Shisha with tea – 30€

Other Massages

Other Massages