Whether it is the first time you experience an erotic massage or if you are someone who attends tantric massages frequently, at some point you will have thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to innovate a little in your erotic massage. And what’s better than introducing a little gameplay to enhance the experience?

Erotic toys are very varied and serve to add that spicy touch to your erotic experience. When we talk about erotic toys, we are not only talking about dildos or anal plugs, which are excellent tools to stimulate the male G-spot, but also less common toys such as bandages, handcuffs, feathers, edible body paint…

Next, we will describe the different toys or accessories that you can add to your tantric massage to make it much more exciting, complete and pleasant.

Dildos, rings, strap on or anal plugs

One of the least explored, but most sensitive and erogenous spots in the male anatomy is the G-spot. The male G-spot is located at the entrance to the rectum, near the male genitalia, roughly where the prostate would be.

In the case of choosing a Prostate Massage, you can add one of these devices to your erotic experience to maximize the pleasure you can experience from the stimulation of this very special gland. In the case of dildos, those that are slightly curved are suitable, since they directly stimulate the G-spot. The same thing happens with anal plugs, which directly stimulate said point, also offering a constant vibration that provides indescribable sensations while you receive your massage.

In the case of vibrating rings, these help to cut off circulation to the penis, creating tingling or numbness that delays orgasm, which, in turn, allows the experienced orgasm to be more explosive by delaying ejaculation. Therefore, these silicone devices improve erection and increase pleasure, and are a great ally in case you suffer from premature ejaculation.

However, if apart from wanting your G-spot to be stimulated, you also want to obtain the erotic fantasy of being penetrated by an erotic masseuse, you can ask for a strap-on as a complement to your tantric massage. The strap on is a harness that the tantric therapist would put on, from which hangs a dildo that she would use to penetrate you during the erotic massage.

An important point to mention about anal stimulation is that erotic masseurs and erotic masseuses will always use lubricant to, first, gently stimulate the area, lubricate it and facilitate the progressive introduction of said toys.

Blindfolds, handcuffs and feathers

Other interesting and very erotic accessories to enhance a tantric massage are blindfolds, handcuffs and feathers.

Through a blindfold that covers your eyes, the feeling of mystery, expectation and sensitivity of your body increases, since being deprived of your vision, your body becomes more receptive to any type of touch, brush or caress. Also, if we add the handcuffs to this spicy combination to immobilize your hands, the experience becomes even more exciting, since you will feel at the mercy of the pleasure that the masseuse is giving you. It is a lighter version of the classic bondage, which produces mental and sexual pleasure through body immobilization.

This erotic practice aims to activate the maximum sensitivity of your skin and then, through special feathers for erotic massages, gently rub your body as well as your intimate area in light, soft and erotic caresses. Apart from feathers, you can use games of heat and cold to increase the variety of sensations; apply ice cubes, or even kisses on your skin…

Handcuffed and deprived of your vision, your body will explode in a burst of pleasurable sensations that will hasten the arrival of your orgasm.

Edible paint

The aphrodisiac edible paint used in tantric massages is used to draw on the client’s body and then lick or kiss the product. The erotic masseuse will use a brush to place the chocolate-flavored liquid on your skin and then collect said product with her mouth.

This is an exciting game as you too can interact with the masseuse and draw, for example, a heart around her nipple and pick it up with your tongue. Or, a doodle on her buttock and repeat the process.

It is a game similar to the typical syrup that is placed on the body, however, in this case, it has an artistic component that makes the experience much more entertaining and fun.

As you can see, the accessories, devices or toys that you can use during an erotic massage are varied and innovative, and will allow you to obtain an innovative experience with sensations never before explored.

Why don’t you choose which toy has caught your attention the most for your next massage and enjoy a groundbreaking and spicy experience? We are waiting!