Dharma Erotic Massage Menu

Then we will present you our massage menu, designed accurately so that the expert hands of our masseurs lead you along the paths of maximum pleasure.

All types of massages are destined for both men and women, and it is possible to choose the gender of the masseurs. Also, you can customize your chosen massage to your liking , with all supplements that we put at your disposal.

Enjoy a wonderful sensitive massage in Barcelona, choosing the one that you most prefer from our extensive massage menu. If you have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us so we can resolve it.

All our massages are interactive and the masseurs are totally naked.

We are specialists in tantra sensitive massages in Barcelona, ​​and above all in hypnotizing you with the most exciting and sensual eroticism you have ever felt or experienced. All the preliminaries, games and fantasies that make you really reach a real and intense orgasm, you will only live here, in Dharma massages…

Why limiting yourself to simple massages?

We present a new massage menu, designed with love, experience and dedication to satisfy our most demanding clients who are looking for something new and different. Finally you have your place where you can unleash your imagination to fulfill what you really want. We take care of the smallest detail so that your evening would be really perfect!

We hope you like it and we will always be open to suggestions and requests… Our consultants will help you choose the perfect erotic massage, we adapt to all your needs!

* Our massages have a duration of 60 or 90 minutes, but in the case that the client does not have that time, 30 or 45 minute durations will be offered. Rates to be consulted.

*All the massages included in our menu can be realized for both men (lingam) and women (yoni). The same ones can be done both by a man masseur or woman masseur, and in the case of the Four Hand Massage by two women, two men or woman and man.

Classic tantra massages

For those who let themselves go… This is an extremely erotic massage where the naked masseuse slides through all over your body with hypnotic tantra movements, combined with a very therapeutic and professional massage and finished with a special and intense lingam. It will make all your tensions vanish!

Body body massage

From 100€

The classic tantra massage, for those who let themselves go by the passion of the moment.

Feel fully the body of your masseuse. If you look to enjoy a state of complete relaxation, united to sensual, new and different emotions, this is the type of massage that you need.

Immersed in a tántric ritual that will combine relaxing music and soft light, your masseuse will guide you to a state where your maximum sensivity will emerge. She will slide her body, impregnated with oils, all over your naked body and you will be able to caress her silky skin with the only exception of her intimate parts.

Your masseuse will give you and exciting massage in your sexual organs (Lingam in the case of men and Yoni in the case of women).

  • Nudism

  • Receptive

  • Body body

  • Lingam Sensitive

  • Individual 60 Min – 100€

  • Individual 90 Min – 140€

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 60 Min – 160 €

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 60 Min – € 200

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

mutual massage

If your desire is that a gorgeous, scultptural and naked body danced sensually over yours, providing you with intense and unforgettable sensations, this is your ideal massage… Look how your masseuse moves serpentinelly over you through the various mirrors of the suite. The masseuse will guide you to touch her body, all her areas, included the intimate part. With all this, you’ll enjoy to when you’ll receive the final and pleasurable orgasm!

Mutual Massage

From 120€

The Mutual massage includes an intense guided total interaction of the erotic masseuse.

If you are looking for a absolutely interactive tantra massage, able to guide you to an intense orgasm, this is your perfect choice.

Your body will be covered for both hands and the body of your masseuse, which you can caress included the most intimate parts.

If you are man and choose a woman as a masseuse, let yourself being guided by her and you will become an expert in achieving an intense femenine orgasm.

This type of massage yoni or lingam, is unique in our menu and it guarantees you that you will reach an incomparable orgasm.

  • Nudism

  • Total guided interaction

  • Tantra postures

  • Lingam Sensitive

  • Individual 60 Min – 120

  • Individual 90 Min – 160

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 60 Min – 200

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 60 Min – 240

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

nuru massage

Allow yourself a truly exceptional moment in which you will have at your feet a true geisha that will give you an unusual and unforgettable experience, thanks to her charming attributes and the oriental Nuru gel that will make your bodies melt into one… Excite intensely your massage therapist!

Nuru massage

From 150€

Nuru Dharma massage is an extremely erotic sliding experience.

Live fully the Nuru Massage in Barcelona. It is about an erotic massage that has its ancient roots in Japan. In this massage it is employed a gel called Nuru (wich means: “slippery or soft”) and its formulation is very special, since it is made with Nori seaweed which gives it the property of being slippery, also chamomile.

Suitable for all skin types. It is odorless, highly moisturizing and becomes a spectacular lubricant thanks to its slow absorption, it is also very easy to remove from the skin.

The Nuru massage in Barcelona is done with your fully nude masseuse; You will be able to interact with her, including her private parts. The same case will be given, if the masseuse of your choice is a man.

  • Nudism

  • Total Interaction

  • Tantra postures

  • Nuru Gel

  • Lingam Sensitive

  • Individual 60 Min – 150

  • Individual 90 Min – 200

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 60 Min – 240

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 60 Min – 300

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

The masseuse will make you enjoy from a espectacular climax with this interactive and complete massage, given its high erotic charge; not indicated for sensitive hearts. Imagine taking a purifying and hot shower with your elected masseur, where she will start her ritual of seduction. During the massage, you’ll be impressed by her tantric postures and she will use her breasts and buttocks to guide you to the maximum level of pleasure.

Sensual Deluxe Massage

From 150€

The Sensual Deluxe massage has an high erotic charge and shower included with the masseuse.

If you are one of those who does not settle for a traditional tantric massage and are eager to experience the maximum pleasure, this is the ideal massage for you. This massage provides a sublime excitement, designed exclusively for the most gourmets.

The Sensual Deluxe Masasge is, as the name implies, extremely sensual and pleasurable, fuses all the massage menu techniques and, also, adds some special details.

Before starting the massage session, you can take an erotic shower in the company of your masseuse. Then, you will go to the tatami where you will begin to enjoy the delight of a truly unforgettable experience.

At all times you can interact completely with the masseuse, who will guide you step by step along the path of pleasure; This massage is undoubtedly the best choice for clients with the most refined tastes.

The masseuse will perform tantric movements, offering you an extremely exciting view through the mirrors of the room. All this will take place, offering you a very exciting ending that will leave you wanting more.

  • Integral Nude

  • Total Interaction

  • Erotic Shower

  • Anal stimulation

  • Massage with the feet

  • Tantric postures

  • Individual 60 Min – 150

  • Individual 90 Min – 200

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 60 Min – 240

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 60 Min – 300

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

extreme lust massage

If you are a sybarite and do not settle for a common massage, we offer you the extreme lust thought for the gods… A purifying erotic shower with the chosen masseuse, where you can establish your first contact with a first relaxation, followed by an erotic massage fused with Hawaiian massage techniques and with the exceptional eroticism of breasts and buttocks rubbing your skin. Through various kamasutra and tantric postures, our professional will guide you to a final relaxation that will make you reach the extreme of pleasure.

Extreme Lust Massage

Since 200€

Extreme Lust massage is suitable only for true gourmets and includes 2 relaxations.

This massage is the most complete one of our exclusive menu of erotic massages, here the lust is not a sin, but it is within the reach of few; You will be able to enjoy all the sensuality and beauty of our committed masseurs that will make you reach ecstasy.

You will start this adventure full of pleasure, with an exciting striptease, where the masseuse will dance for your exclusive delight. Then, you will enjoy an erotic shower where you can caress the sculptural wet curves of the masseuse, receiving your first and pleasurable genital stimulation.

Finally, you will relax on a futon where we invite you to take a refreshing drink to prepare for the next intense wave of pleasures and sensations that awaits you. The masseuse will begin the massage from your front part, sliding her hands from your head to your feet. She will gently caress your face, moving slowly and gently throughout your body.

Our passionate and dedicated masseuse will also leave you breathless, when she will begin to give you a series of kamasutra and tantra positions and postures.

Then you will receive a second orgasm that will leave you vibrating because of pleasure. This is the most unforgettable experience you can have in your life, do not miss it!

  • Integral Nude

  • Total Interaction

  • Erotic Shower

  • Anal stimulation

  • Massage with the feet

  • Tantric postures

  • Massage with the glutes

  • Hawaiian massage

  • Kamasutra postures

  • Striptease

  • Two Endings

  • Individual 60 Min – 200

  • Individual 90 Min – 250€

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 60 Min – 320

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 60 Min – 400

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

Special Erotic Massages

fetish fantasy massage

Here your fantasies will come true: Choose the costume, schoolgirl, nurse, flight attendant or playboy bunny… Ask that any of your fetishes are fulfilled, that they dominate you and / or use an erotic toy so that the moment becomes more spicy; Do not cut yourself! You will be surprised at the end of the massage.

Fetish Fantasy Massage

From 250€

The Fetish Fantasy massage is intended for lovers of Fetishism and BDSM.

Can you imagine a sexy nurse coming to your room to heal you with her eroticism? Or a sweet and innocent schoolgirl? Or a couple of fiery cops who come to punish you and your partner because you behaved badly? Or do you prefer a domina dressed in latex, with provocative fishnet stockings and a whip to dominate you? Or do you like the foot fetish more? We will make any of your wishes and fantasies …

With the erotic masseurs of Dharma Massages your most hidden and longed fantasies will govern the behavior of our most beautiful, sensual and daring girls; they will fulfill them one hundred percent. the masseuse will make you enjoy an extraordinary climax!

She will massage you dressed with the costume of your choice e and little by little, while you start to be stimulated by her seduction and eroticism, she will get rid of her suit, exposing her body. Then, she will make you a very sensual massage in which your fetishes and fantasies can become reality. Would you like to kiss her feet or play with them?

You can add some erotic toy that we have available to add a spicier point to your intimate encounter.

  • Integral Nude

  • Total Interaction

  • Erotic Dance

  • Costumes of your choice

  • Erotic fantasies

  • Fetish

  • Footjob

  • Domination / Submission

  • BDSM

  • Erotic toys

  • Bath with salts

  • Double relaxation with surprise ending

  • Individual 60 Min – 250€

  • Individual 90 Min – 300€

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 75 Min – 400

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 75 Min – 500

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

mistic sensitive massage

Massage in which your perception will be enhanced. First you will enjoy our bathtub with salts and foams, accompanied by a glass of cava with your chosen masseuse. Then, all your senses will surface with the surprises that she will give you, by gently touching your skin with a feather, pearls or dispersing edible product and then picking it up with her lips. You will feel an explosion of sensations that will lead you to the very same paradise.

One of the two relaxations will be absolutely unexpected: That’s what this game is about!

Mistic Sensitive Massage

From 250€

The Mistic Sensitive massage includes a jacuzzi bath with the massage therapist, glass of cava and much more …

As its name indicates, this massage will be an exquisite mystery that you will love to unveil.

At the beginning, you will relax in the luxurious Jacuzzi with the chosen masseuse, where you can start your adventure of touches and caresses while increasing the level of eroticism of your meeting; then, you will enjoy a mutual massage, where you can interact with her entirely, including her private parts.

Later, she will add fetish accessories in the massage, such as handcuffs, feather and mask, and she will give you a purely sensitive massage where each part of your body will vibrate to the rhythm of her caresses, her kisses and the slow and undulating trajectory of the pen. Sometimes you will feel her fingers traverse your chest, sometimes her tongue will roll gently down your ear, or she may decide to torture yourself a little and slide an ice cube over yoursensitized skin. You can also disperse an edible product all over your body and lick it. The options are endless.

The masseurs of our center are the most playful and daring, allow them to make you discover pleasures and sensations that you could not imagine.

You will have a surprise ending that will leave you eager to repeat this mysterious and absolutely exciting massage.

  • Integral Nude

  • Total Interaction

  • Bath with salts

  • Fetish Accessories

  • Feather, pearls, and mask

  • Game of hot and cold

  • Body Kiss with edible product

  • Double relaxation

  • Final Surprise

  • Individual 60 Min – 250€

  • Individual 90 Min – 300€

  • Couple with 1 masseuse 75 Min – 400

  • Couple with 2 masseuses 75 Min – 500

  • In all couple massage, champagne + chocolates + 20 extra minutes in the suite are given to enjoy a moment of intimacy together.

prostatic massage

Pleasant and pleasurable massage in the male prostate gland (point G) that will lead you to an incomparable ecstasy. Let yourself go!!!

Prostatic Massage

From 160€

The ​Prostatic Massage​ will transport you to a state of pleasure and infinite estimulation!!

This is, without a doubt, one of our most demanded massages for those who want to enjoy an intense and different orgasm.

The ​Prostatic Massage is designed for men to feel a sublime pleasure, through delicate movements that will slowly stimulate their erogenous zones.

In Dharma Massages, the Prostatic Massag​e focuses on stimulating the male prostate gland for both medical and sexual purposes. It starts with slow and gentle strokes on the penis, testicles, perineum … until you are totally relaxed and completely excited. Only then will the massages begin around the anus to finally reach a progressive penetration.

A special massage, very erotic, where the masseuse will massage your perineal area and prostate area to make you enjoy your most sensitive and unknown points, such as the prostate gland, through which you can find the most pleasurable orgasms you can imagine. You can choose between the fingers of the erotic masseuse, or some erotic toy to complete your massage.

In this massage, you will not only enjoy prostate massage, but also the masseuse will ensure that you have a double pleasure through her efficient and professional caresses on your genitals during the lingam. It will be a body to body massage, with absolute interaction, where intense sensations will predominate through the constant stimulation of all your sensitive points.

You will obtain a sensation of pleasure and you will reach an orgasm whose intensity is usually, in some cases, greater than the one reached by a genital orgasm.

  • Integral Nude

  • Total Interaction

  • Prostatic

  • Tatami or Stretcher

  • Erotic Toys

  • Lingam Sensitive

  • Individual 60 Min – € 160

lesbian show massage

Exciting massage, absolutely innovative and provocative where you can asist to one of the most up-tempo shows you can imagine, do you dare to try it?

Lesbian Show Massage

Extra 60€

The ​Lesbian Show​ includes a provocative and innovative lesbian show!

If your desire is to enjoy two beautiful masseurs that will make you a real and exciting lesbian show … this is your massage! Interactive, exciting and full of morbidity, it is a unique massage where you will enjoy of two bodies massaging yours, but at the same time hot scenes where you will see them interacting with each other. Kisses, caresses, licks, sensual touches and much more… Our bisexual masseuses love to excite each other; You can participate with them in a guided interaction and feel the king of our stays.

Would you like to touch the masseuse while they are kissing passionately? Or maybe you just want to stimulate yourself with the vision of their show? Allow your fantasies to come true; a massage that gives off sensuality, visual stimulation and a lot of morbidness; all movie fantasies not only have their place in movies, you can also make them come true in Dharma Massages.

Their two bodies will rub against yours in a professional massage, radiant with eroticism of disproportionate levels, until one of the two masseuses finishes your session with a delicious lingam. You can choose which of the two beautiful masseuses you prefer to help you reach your orgasm. You can also have the option to do it by yourself while they spell you with their delicious and erotic show, made exclusively for the pleasure of your senses.

You will leave the session relaxed, with a huge desire to relive this passionate and exciting experience!

  • Nudism

  • Total interaction between masseuses

  • Games

  • Petting

  • Erotic Toys

  • Add it as an extra to any Four Hands Massage you choose, with a plus of 60 euros for the masseurs. (Full and direct payment to the masseurs)

gay massage

Choose any of the massages also with a boy masseuse, the price does not change.

Gay Massage

Gay massage​ can be done with a male massage therapist in all previous massages.

Now in ​Dharma Massages you have the option to enjoy the massage you most prefer from our menu with a male masseur.

Our men masseurs are specialized in their profession, endowed with muscular bodies and big hands willing to relax all your tense points. Great professionals and very attractive men, their bodies seem designed exclusively to slide over yours in a massage full of eroticism and seduction.

This massage is not only intended for homosexuals, but also for men with a desire to explore their sexuality more thoroughly and to discover new forms of pleasure. As we said before, your options are varied and very diverse: you can choose a body-body with one of our men masseurs and delight with each of his professional movements, his body tilting over yours to relax your muscles and his hands rubbing your most erogenous areas.

Our male masseurs, some gay and others bisexual, are very well trained specialists who know how to awaken in you a new form of eroticism and sexuality, without gender, which is what tantra and Hindu traditions talk about when they describe sexual energy.

In Dharma Massages you will find the place where sexuality has no categories or taboos, where the classic ways of understanding sex have reached a point of no return; we want you to feel it as a source of pleasure that arises from a meeting both corporeal and spiritual of two people.

  • The same as in any other massage.

  • The same as in any other massage

massage for women

In ​Dharma Massages we fight every day for women to also enter the wonderful world of tantric and erotic massages, you deserve to be cared for and adored, to enjoy the pleasure knowing your body and your erotic points better through eroticism and caresses!

In the case that you are a woman and want to enjoy an exciting massage, either with another woman or with a man, we do not discriminate your gender. Choose any of the massages, at the same price!

Massage for women

Massage for women can be done with a massage therapist in all previous massages.

Massage for women can be done with a massage therapist in all previous massages.

In Dharma Massages we have a place for all your tastes and we do not discriminate by gender. Our bisexual or lesbian masseuse are experts in making you feel at home and that you can enjoy your evening with maximum discretion. You have at your disposal all the massages of our menu, so that you can make your fantasies come true!

Or do you prefer to be one of our men, athletic and very handsome masseurs, who attends you? His male hands will travel through your sensitive areas, lovingly and very gently to help you awaken all your sexual power. The games, touches and laughter will flood your encounter, together with an extremely seductive massage that will make you feel like being in Orfeo’s arms.

As we said before, in ​Dharma Massages​ everything is made for you.

  • The same as in any other massage.

  • The same as in any other massage

four hand massage

The same price as in any other massage.

Four-Hand Massage

From 160€

The four-hand massage can be performed in all previous massages.

The Dharma four-handed massages are especially recommended for the most demanding clients.

You can choose the massage that has most attracted the attention of our menu and ask two masseurs.

For example, if you choose the ​Fetish Fantasy Massage,​ you can have at your disposal two submissives willing to perform all your wishes; or two daring and fiery dominas that will make you spend a very erotic and extreme time.

In the case of choosing the ​Mistic Sensitive Massage you will be able to receive the surprises of two girls, who will bandage your eyes and give you unusual surprises that will shake you with pleasure.

You can try the option that you most want and enjoy the double enjoyment of seeing two beautiful masseurs willing to satisfy you completely.

In Dharma massages you have infinite and very varied options, just tell us what you prefer!

  • The same as in any other massage, but with four hands


1h full 200€

1h partial 160€

90 min full 280€

90 min partial 230€


1h full 240€

1h partial 200€

90 min full 320€

90 min partial 260€


1h full 300€

1h partial 240€

90 min full 400€

90 min partial 320€


1h full 400€

1h partial 320€

90 min full 500€

90 min partial 410€


1h full 300€

1h partial 240€

90 min full 400€

90 min partial 320€


1h full 320€

1h partial 250€


1h full 500€

1h partial 390€

90 min full 600€

90 min partial 480€

erotic massage for couples

Choose the massage to enjoy to the fullest with your partner and share new experiences and sensations with her. At the end, you will enjoy your privacy in the room, with a glass of cava and chocolates as a gift.

Massage for couples

From 160€

The massage for couples can be done in all previous massages.

If you think it is time to wake up the sleeping sensuality with your partner, to recover the eroticism and the complicity that once united you, in Dharma massages you will find the perfect massage.Dharma es pura pasión. Un desenfreno de sensaciones que os abrirá las puertas del deseo y del placer; viviréis un momento inolvidable en el cual podréis regalaros cualquier masaje elegido de la carta, donde nuestros profesionales masajistas estarán a disposición de ambos para proporcionaros el máximo placer. Elige entre uno o dos masajistas… dos chicas, dos chicos o chico y chica!

El masaje será finalizado con un lingam en el caso del hombre y un yoni para la mujer, y podréis interactuar entre vosotros durante la sesión del masaje junto a la masajista y aprender nuevas técnicas para seduciros mutuamente.

Os regalamos copa de cava y bombones y dispondréis también de 20 minutos más de privacidad entre vosotros en la suite.

En cada masaje especificamos las tarifas para parejas, en el caso de que queráis optar por más tiempo con la masajista, no dudes en consultarnoslo! Les ofrecemos la mejor oferta y el mejor servicio…

Oferta Enamorados

Ofrecemos un servicio exclusivo y especial para parejas que quieran disfrutar a solas de nuestras cómodas  y excitantes instalaciones al toque tantra: 90 min en la suite con bañera extra grande, donde disfrutareis de un baño se espuma y sales minerales y con pétalos de rosas, donde podréis estar como dioses griegos, incluimos botella de cava y bombones. Siempre tendréis la opción de añadir un masaje erótico tantra a vuestra romántica experiencia!

  • 60 Min – €80

All our exclusive place for you

If you come with your friends to the center and want maximum privacy, we offer the option to close our center just for you. Check conditions and budget.

In case you want to visit our center with your friends and enjoy the rooms comfortably and absolutely alone, in Dharma Massages you will have a great time.

Here we invite you to drinks, to spend a pleasant time with our beautiful masseurs, either talking or enjoying a massage directly in our huge suites equipped with everything you need. You will enjoy our drinks of the best quality and with the best possible company.

They will make your party entertaining and very enjoyable, because not only are great erotic masseurs, but also nice women and very fun with

those that time will fly by for you.

  • The same as in any other massage.

  • In the price section of each massage you will see the rate for couples

Additional Information

  • In the payments with Credit Card we apply a 5% surcharge to the price of the massage

  • You can request the invoice for the service performed

  • For payments with currencies other than €, a 10% surcharge applies for currency exchange management and applied commission.