At the beginning of your relationship, you really wanted to discover the other, what they want, what they are passionate about and what makes them vibrate. A few years later, you feel that the passion has diminished, and you no longer feel the same attraction towards your partner. The good news is that you can rekindle the flame of passion in your partner through Tantra, in ways you may never have believed before.

One of the ways in which Tantra helps to return this feeling of passion is by allowing you to look at each other with new eyes, as if you were strangers and fell in love with each other, just like the first time. Next, we will offer several options in which the good practice of Tantra can help couples to recover chemistry.

How does Tantra help revive the couple?

Tantra helps to practice sexuality in a sacred way and not wait for the desire to drive the sexual relationship. Tantric sex is based on shedding one’s ego, forgetting oneself and giving oneself over to the other person. In this way, it is possible to reach a state of mindfulness and total presence in the moment. Approaching the partner in this way allows them to rediscover each other, through sex away from the carnal and more focused on the spiritual connection.

Spiritual sex or tantric sex is a reality to be taken into account. When you are intimate with your partner, you have to change the way you look at them: instead of seeing them as your husband or wife with whom you spend a lot of time, try to approach the tantric encounter with an open, receptive and loving heart, with a curious look that seeks to rediscover the person next.

How does breathing help improve the relationship?

The chakras, also called energy centers, are activated by the breath. When stimulated, an energetic exchange with the partner takes place. When the sexual act is performed, conscious breathing allows the sexual energy to rise through the spine. In this way, the energy rises from the perineum to the skull, through tantric breathing, and allows the return to oneself through the meditative act.

Another very pleasant and rewarding benefit is that, thanks to tantric breathing, all the senses become more sensitive and perceptive. This presence in the present and at the moment allows one to return to the interior, not through thought, but through the body and the senses, that is, through experience. This return to the interior, which is similar to gaining greater self-awareness, allows you to deepen your connection with your partner.

Sign up for a Tantra course with your partner

These are some ways in which Tantra can produce miracles in you and your partner, through the act of breathing and meditation. One of the ways to achieve this benefit is through Tantra courses, in which experienced professionals in this branch of sexuality will guide you and give you support so that you can put aside your ego and the body and ascend to this mystique dimension of sex

Tantra reinforces love and respect for oneself as the first law; through such acceptance, you can, in turn, pour love and respect towards your partner.

At the beginning of the session, it is common to act with need, urgency and little concentration; It is normal, since the chakras responsible for sexual desire and emotional openness are usually blocked. However, over time, beginning to discover a new dimension of sex becomes automatic, natural, and a satisfying process.

Combining one’s will to improve with Tantra

Finally, it should be emphasized that it is important that one not only rely on Tantra to improve the relationship. There are many attitudes that can be adopted, changes in mentality and changes in perspective that can be taken to improve the couple, including dedicating oneself to one’s own passions, allowing the couple to rediscover themselves, spending time apart, allowing the distance and separation make you long for each other and see each other with new eyes.

Tantra is not only a sexual moment, but a way of life, where the ego has no place, and you become two loving spirits, facing each other, stripped of ego and selfishness.