Have you ever wondered if tantric massage can be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction? In this article we will talk about the subject of erectile dysfunction, and how an erotic massage can help to improve this sexual condition.

It is important to clarify that tantric healing massage is a unique combination of body massage, counseling and self-practice exercises. This type of erotic massage is provided in a safe and private environment. Tantric massage can help you not only regain your confidence, but also to enjoy intimacy once again.

I have seen tantric massage therapy benefit clients with a variety of erectile dysfunction problems. Rather than treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, the goal is to discover and address some of the underlying causes.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, often referred to as impotence, refers to a man’s inability to achieve and maintain an erection strong enough for penetrative sex.

Many don’t know it, but most men will suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. It must also be said that many men avoid talking about impotence and erection problems, because they can trigger feelings of frustration, low self-confidence, shame and guilt.

However, instead of looking for miracle pills like Viagra, which only provide a temporary solution, or hoping that the impotence will just go away, it is a good idea to consider tantric massage therapy to treat erectile dysfunction.

Tantric massage for erectile dysfunction, how does erotic massage help erectile dysfunction?

Physical and/or psychological factors can make it difficult to get and maintain a good erection. When a man is aroused, his neural system responds by sending messages to the brain to increase blood flow to the penis. The rapid rush of blood causes the penis to grow, lengthen and harden, resulting in an erection.

There are a variety of physical disorders that can cause the arousal system to malfunction, and tantric massage can help with some of them.

Helps improve blood flow

Did you know that the tension in the muscles and fascia of the pelvic area, especially the penis, could interrupt the blood flow necessary to have an erection? If you play sports or exercise frequently, you may experience a lot of discomfort in your genital area.

The therapeutic genital treatment of tantric massage is a unique aspect, as most other body massages ignore this area completely. The genitals, like any other region of the body, have fascia and muscles that must be treated regularly.

Lingam massage is included in tantric massage sessions to improve blood circulation, which is necessary for healthy erections. To help alleviate blockages in the movement of blood and lymph, Tantric and Taoist therapeutic practices are applied. This is especially crucial for men as they age, as it allows them to maintain good erectile health.

Additionally, internal stress can disrupt blood circulation essential for a healthy erection. Therefore, therapeutic prostate massage is also an element of tantric treatment for erectile dysfunction.

It is a gentle massage that helps eliminate stress, toxins, and negative emotions that have accumulated in the prostate gland area. All of this can have an impact on erectile health. It is also a great stress relieving technique.

Helps you increase your sexual energy

Physical exhaustion after a difficult day at work can have an impact on your libido and erection. However, there are tantric sexual exercises that can raise sexual energy levels and make you feel rejuvenated rather than tired after lovemaking.

Tantric education, which involves learning to activate and harness your sexual energy to develop and maintain healthy erections, is an important aspect of erotic massage.

Whether you have an erectile dysfunction problem or not, you can learn to carry this vital energy to all parts of your body, and even become multi-orgasmic.

Fight stress and tension in your body

Stress in the workplace, depression, chronic illnesses, and relationship problems can all contribute to erectile dysfunction. Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, can lower testosterone levels. As a result, you may also experience a decrease in libido over time. Cortisol can even narrow the blood channels in the penis.

Fortunately, the tantric massage provides a deep relaxing state to combat stress and tension in the body. Different massage techniques are used to trigger chemicals and endorphins that help the body break down cortisol, such as oxytocin and serotonin.

By being less stressed, you are more likely to have a better erection and enjoy your sexual intercourse.