In this article we will talk about erotic massage for beginners. If you are stressed at work, dealing with problems at home, or struggling to satisfy your sexual desires, an erotic massage might be just what you need.

Have you ever wanted an erotic massage but didn’t know what to expect? Although often associated with sordid overtones, erotic body massage goes beyond depicting aroused middle-aged men getting their sexual fix.

Things you should know about erotic massage for beginners

Something important to mention is that an erotic massage therapy can be beneficial for anyone in today’s world. In fact, this article is intended to dispel certain false myths about this type of massage.

Erotic massage is more common than you think

If you live in the center of a city, you will likely pass an adult massage parlor on a regular basis. This is because in urban areas you can generally find many massage centers. Some of these rooms may even be familiar to you and you can’t help but wonder, what happens behind closed doors?

Although erotic massage and massage parlors are often considered a taboo subject, contrary to popular opinion, it is not something illegal or prohibited. Businessmen frequent the service, frequently opting for an erotic massage during their lunch break or after work.

In fact, erotic massages are not exclusive to men. Also women can benefit from erotic massage therapy. Today it is a very common thing of which there is nothing to be ashamed of.

They always blend in with your surroundings

One of the reasons erotic massage parlors are so private is to protect clients. Many of the clients are probably married, have children, and are successful people who do not want to be associated with sexual services. As a result, many erotic massage centers disguise themselves as “Thai massage shops” or operate out of private homes to blend in.

They remove any evidence from your reservation

When it comes to erotic massage for beginners, one of the clients concerns is privacy. However, most erotic massage parlors recommend calling ahead to make a reservation.

Clients who book a massage session do not have to worry about the disclosure of their data. It is common that all records of the reservation are generally deleted immediately after the massage session is finished. Even if customers feel like it, they can use a fake name and mask their phone number.

It’s normal to feel nervous the first time

If you are nervous and don’t know what to expect from your first erotic massage, don’t worry, erotic masseuses deal with beginners on a regular basis. This means that they will do their best to reassure you.

Some erotic massage parlors also have a waiting area where you can relax and talk to the girls before selecting the type of erotic massage you wish to receive. To calm your nerves, they may even give you a glass of wine.

Erotic massage is customized to meet your specific needs

Clients are shown the massage room once they have chosen the type of erotic massage. Your lovely masseuse will discuss your expectations about the massage session with you in advance. The great thing about erotic massage for beginners is that it can be adapted to your own tastes, whether you want a relaxing massage or something a little more daring.

Most of the erotic massages take place with both the recipient and the masseuse naked. So if you’re nervous, let your masseuse know so she can undress to your comfort level as the intensity of the massage progresses.

Erotic massage doesn’t start with sex

Normally the masseuse will spread a towel on the bed and lay you down while she applies massage oil to your body. Even though the goal of erotic massage is to excite, the massage does not actually start sexually.

The masseuse will begin with a full body massage, similar to the relaxing strokes used in traditional massage. She will take care of releasing the tension in your neck, back and shoulders, which will relieve all the tension in your muscles. This part of the massage is just the beginning. There will be many more of these incredible sensations as the massage increases in intensity.

Erotic massage for beginners involves sensual caresses

Your masseuse will use different erotic massage techniques as she slowly strokes you from your back to your forehead. She will begin to move forward passing her tempting fingertips from your chest to your erogenous zones, moving closer and closer to your virility.

She will use her skill and her soft hands to stimulate your upper body as your toes curl and your body begins to tremble. This will send chills down your entire spine and that feeling will repeat itself until it reaches a point of no return.

You should always be courteous during erotic massage

While an erotic massage can quickly become too sexual, it is important that you treat your masseuse with respect at all times. All situations that involve a sexual aspect are considered extras that should be discussed with the masseuse at the beginning of the session.

Generally, the masseuses will comply with your requests. In fact, many erotic massage parlors even allow you to call and speak to someone about your concerns before booking an erotic massage session.