Due to the popularity of erotic massages, you have surely wondered, what conditions can be treated with a massage? The first thing you should know is that massage therapy is a primary or complementary treatment option, essential for those who suffer from physical or mental health problems.

According to medical research, wellness massage has numerous health benefits that aid in the treatment of a number of diseases and conditions. According to the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, studies have shown that massage can lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, as well as improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Not only that, a massage also relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and increases endorphin levels, all of which can help with medical care.

These are the conditions that can be treated with a massage

Massage can help with almost any ailment. Massage, on the other hand, has proven to be an especially effective method of reducing symptoms and promoting healing in a number of conditions. Discover below, which are the main ailments or conditions with which massage can help your well-being.

Massage relieves pain

Massage encourages relaxation, making it an effective treatment for a wide range of pain conditions, including those induced by surgery or accident. You can even deal with chronic pain problems.

Massage therapy, for example, has been shown in research to help those with the common problem of low back pain. Massage can increase blood flow to painful areas of the body while releasing the body’s natural pain relievers.

It is good for treating migraines and headaches

Headaches are caused by a variety of factors, including stress, exhaustion, and other health problems, such as illness. Massage relieves anxiety and discomfort, allowing patients to reduce or completely stop headache symptoms.

According to one study, migraine patients who undergo wellness massages have fewer headache episodes, less severe symptoms, and better quality of sleep.

Helps you with anxiety and depression problems

Those with mental health issues can benefit from wellness massages. According to the American Association for Massage Therapy, a study showed that massage decreased the stress hormone cortisol in patients suffering from anxiety by 53%. According to studies, natural therapy increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which can benefit depressed people.

It also helps breast cancer patients

Massage therapy has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety in breast cancer patients, according to studies.

What happens is that the massage relaxes the muscle tissue and increases the lymphatic flow before the surgery. Women who use advanced lymphatic drainage techniques from a well-trained massage therapist as part of their postoperative care may experience less pain and swelling.

Massage also helps those receiving cancer care or recovering from cancer, relieving depression, pain, fatigue, sleep problems, and nausea, as well as relieving stress and anxiety.

In treating repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stresses or problems that affect the muscles and joints and cause symptoms such as tenderness, throbbing pain, tingling, or loss of sensation, can also be relieved with massage.

Many people don’t know it, but overuse of a muscle group, maintaining a certain posture for a long period of time, even lifting heavy objects, and other factors can lead to these problems.

The good news is that massage therapy, for example, has been found to help patients with carpal tunnel syndrome relieve discomfort and improve grip strength.

Other conditions that can be treated with massage

As mentioned, massage can help patients and people in general, to deal with a wide variety of diseases that affect their health. In addition to those already mentioned above, a massage can also help with the following conditions:

  • It can help you control hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • It is also recommended for people suffering from arthritis.
  • Those who experience fatigue can still benefit from massage therapy.
  • It is recommended for those recovering from heart bypass surgery.
  • Even for athletes or sportsmen who constantly suffer sports injuries.
  • To treat all those conditions that are related with stress.

Of course, before taking a massage session, our recommendation is that you first consult with your specialist doctor. Together you can discover how massage therapy can work to treat, or where appropriate, prevent any condition that may be affecting your health.