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Lingam Barcelona massage, sensuality and spirituality for them

If you are willing to give yourself body and soul to a revealing experience, full of sensuality and spirituality, come to know our ​Dharma massage center​. Our erotic masseurs are waiting for you to give you a Lingam massage in Barcelona with which you can enjoy all the magic of tantra. We augur an exciting adventure of delight for your five senses.

From the hand of our sculptural masseurs you will get away from the daily stress and you will approach yourself, your true inner essence. You will get in touch with a source of unknown pleasure that remains dormant in you.

With our Lingam massage ​you will increase your desire​, immersed in a space decorated in the most luxurious Buddhist style. A place with aromatic candles, relaxing music and sensual aromas. In short, an environment prepared just for you and for your physical, mental and spiritual enjoyment.

The main objective of the Lingam massage is to allow you to reach such a state of excitement, that leads you directly to union with your Divine essence.

What is the Lingam?

The term liṅgaṃ ​comes from Sanskrit and is written लगं. The literal meaning is “phallus”, but its description, extremely respectful, is: “Power channeler and power chandelier pleasure“.

Within the framework of Hinduism, the Lingam is a symbolic representation of the god Shiva, who in turn is one of the gods of the Trimurti (). This Hindu Trinity is made up of ​Shiva​, the god who destroys the universe, ​Brahmá ​the god who creates the universe and ​Vishnu​, the supreme god.

There are those who say that the ​Lingam c​ ult originates in the indigenous religions of India. Lingam ​also represents the ​stambha ​pillar, which has no beginning or end and which refers to the infinite nature of Shiva.

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What will you receive with our Lingam massage in Barcelona?

One of the goals of the Lingam massage is to get in touch with your most sensitive side. ​The state of relaxation that you will reach will be the maximum possible without you losing excitement.

This massage does not aim at orgasm nor is it conditioned by traditional sexual stereotypes. If it is achieved, it is welcome, but the real objective is to explore your erogenous zones to find new forms of pleasure.

In an erotic Lingam massage pleasure is the means through which one reaches one’s own divinity.

Physical and spiritual preparation is essential for the sexual experience to be completely satisfactory. ​The contact with the erotic masseur is carried out in a Buddhist environment​, at an optimal temperature, with aromatic candles, soft light and sensual music.

Then caress the shaft of your Lingam, changing pressure and speed so that, by varying intensity, you also find it more pleasant.

Giving you the best of itself, the masseuse will take you to the peak of eroticism and help you to break down any type of barrier between you and your spirit. If you concentrate enough, you will feel that you float in the air outside of yourself and you will achieve a sense of freedom difficult to describe.

We must emphasize that the control of the breathing and your inner disposition are vital to get the most out of the massage.

Remember ​that it is not sex that the Dharma masseur offers you but Lingam termination​. Being these two concepts very different from each other, since your attitude must be passive and of complete surrender so that the spirituality of the tantra penetrates in you.

Benefits of a Lingam massage in Barcelona

When the massage is carried out by the professional sculptures of our Dharma cente​r, it contributes to:

  • Achieve greater mental openness.
  • Strengthen the knowledge of yourself.
  • Reach a close bond with your masseuse.
  • Heal your sexual traumas.
  • Eliminate negative sexual conditioning.
  • Free yourself from bad energies.
  • Stay away from daily stress.
  • Leave behind the overwhelming routine.
  • Unite with your Divine part.

Are you in Barcelona or its surroundings? Contact us now and come and enjoy one of our exciting Lingam massages in Barcelona​. Live with us an intense and enriching sensory experience, and forget the world completely.

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