The Mobile World Congress is an expected event every year, with great international prestige that is held every year in Barcelona in the month of February.

The event brings together entrepreneurs from various countries, who meet to expose and discuss recent technological innovations and share knowledge, as well as do business and close deals with clients.

It is one of the largest events held in the city of Barcelona, ​​with around 5,000 executives coming from different countries to attend the MWC.

This technology fair, despite being so interesting and exciting, is also an energy and physical expense for all the executives who attend. Therefore, from Dharma Massages we want to offer the option to fully relax after a busy day at the Mobile World Congress and also enjoy the pleasures that the city of Barcelona offers.

How could you do it? We’ll tell you later.

Erotic massage to relax during the Mobile World Congress 2022

As we indicated previously, the Mobile World Congress is an international fair that supposes a double expenditure of energy for the businessmen who attend it. Therefore, it is important that they find ways to relax, liven up their free time and enjoy their stay in Barcelona after a long day of work.

And what better than a good tantric massage? At Dharma Massages we offer both the option to go to our high-end center, as well as to request a tantric massage at the hotel, in both cases we guarantee a high-quality service and a massage that is not only professional, but also erotic and very exciting, which will allow you to obtain a mix of muscle relaxation, mental calm and body arousal.

Erotic hotel massage for Mobile World Congress 2022

A massage at the hotel is an unforgettable experience. From the comfort of your suite, you can wait for the beautiful therapist to come to you with all the necessary tools to offer you a high-quality erotic and tantric massage. The professional tantra masseuse or the professional tantric masseur will come with massage oil, nuru gel, aromatic candles and will decorate your suite so that you feel immersed in the experience…

You will receive a real tantra experience, in which you can experience the benefits of tantra and eroticism combined. At Dharma Massages we offer hotel departures from just €180, a very comfortable price for a pleasant Lingam massage that will make you touch the clouds, in the company of a sensual and beautiful lady.

However, if you are a gourmet, we also have more complete and erotic massages, which you can read in the menu of our website, which include erotic shower, erotic dance, fetishes, costumes… What are you waiting for to get this gift from heaven?

Benefits of a Tantra massage during the Mobile World Congress 2022

Below, you have a list of benefits that you can experience if you get a tantric massage at Dharma Massages:

  • You will be able to experience a feeling of total relaxation. After a busy day, meetings and stress, you will have an hour completely dedicated to you, to be pampered and treated like a king. Both your body and your mind will thank you. You will leave the session refreshed and ready to face the next few days of your routine.
  • Improve your sexual health. If you have sexual problems, such as erection, lack of libido, difficulty ejaculating, difficulty leaving your mind blank, this is an ideal therapy to deal with all these problems and help you find pleasure despite stress. Tantra techniques not only work on the most erotic part of the experience, but also on breathing, spirituality and the ability to focus on the present.
  • If it is your first time trying a Tantra massage, you will be introduced to the erotic and spiritual secrets that it hides. Our tantric masseuses will lead you along the paths of pleasure and tantra sensuality, to take you to experience new sensations and to know yourself better.
  • In case you come to our center, you can enjoy our rooms, our jacuzzi, our comfortable tatamis and get champagne and chocolates as a gift to take in the company of your favorite tantric masseuse. Our rooms are specially designed to offer comfort, pleasure and a feeling of intimacy that will make you feel at home.

As you can see, the benefits are several and very striking. If you are passing through Barcelona and would like to obtain them, call our number, write to us on Whatsapp or send us an email to book a memorable experience with us.