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Sensitive massage Barcelona: the 5 senses.

Do you feel that your body lacks life? Do you miss the caresses that know how to stimulate? Do you want to feel like years ago, full of intense emotions? If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions, you will find the answer in the benefits of a ​sensitive massage in Barcelona.

From the hand of one of our ​professional tantric masseuses you can awaken and redirect the sensitivity of your body to carry it out again on the path of sexual ecstasy and emotionally lost.

How is a sensitive massage?

The sensitive massage or Californian massage, as we know it today, it was born in the city of California, at the end of the 60s. Many health professionals do it as a fantastique ​sex therapy technique ​that can include, in addition, the couple therapy.

Its name says practically everything. The sensitive erotic massage goes much further than a traditional massage. It could be defined as a form of meditation that connects with you through sensual caresses and rubs.

Respiration, relaxation and stimulation techniques of your erogenous zones are used. It is a series of progressive massages that respect your own rhythm and your personal limits.

If something is possible for you, it is that you forget the outside world when you are being massaged, ​you can only focus on the sensuality and eroticism of the masseuse.

At the ​Dharma center we offer you a massage completely bathed in the spiritual magic of tantra. And we turn it into a sensory ritual from which you can take complete awareness of your own body and your higher self.

In a sensitive massage, your five senses take center stage

● ​The smell​: will be present with the presence of aromatic candles.
● ​The ear​: will be permanently estimated by a soft and sensual music.
● ​The view​: you will be delighted with the beauty of the masseuse and the surroundings decorated in the best Buddhist style.
● ​Taste​: with which you can feel on your palate every sensual touch on your body.
●​ Touch​: live intensely through the hands of professionals that you prefer,
That it can be a woman or a man.

As is well known, tantra does not seek orgasm as the ultimate goal. So you will not feel pressured or pressed at any time before the requirement to reach. You just have to relax and dedicate yourself to enjoy the present moment.

Each masseuse is unique and will impregnate the massage with its own energy and interpret it according to your personality and desires.

To begin, create a unique connection with your body by moving your hands along the same type in a slow and gentle way. Relax in this way each of your muscles. Once you consider that you are sufficiently relaxed, you will go to the next level and each of your erogenous zones.

As your excitement grows, you will advance a little more and use your palms, forearms and even your elbows. Not only is it a physical erotic massage but you will also perceive a Emotional state and satisfaction as seldom makes sense in your life.

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Benefits of sensitive or Californian massage

Without any doubt, sensitive massage is one of the most effective. And if you repeat it with assiduity it will bring to your life a series of kindnesses that you will see reflected very quickly.

Some of the sensual, spiritual and mental benefits that they achieve are the following:

You will be free of stress​. During the day, the massage, the weight of the responsibilities will vanish like magic and when it’s over, they can
See life in a different way.

You will achieve a full awareness of your body​ and you will be able to control your movements

Your inner self will connect with your Divine essence​ so that, little by little, you will become the person you want to be.

Your five senses will be stimulated​ and your emotions will be balanced.

You will be charged with positive energy​. If you suffer from depression or are unmotivated, You will find a turning point in your life.

Contractures outside​: the tensions, product of stress, will begin to disappear.

Improve your circulation​: the estimation of muscles.
We significantly improve the blood.

Self-confidence​: it will increase the confidence you have in yourself and in your own body

Outside the table​: to feel the contact of the hands of one of our spectacular girls (or boys) on your body, treating it as if it were a treasure, you will forget any prejudice and you will simply enjoy yourself.

If you are in Barcelona or its surroundings …

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a​ sensitive massage ​right now?

Get in touch with us or come to our Dharma erotic massage center. We assure you that once you try one of our massages you will feel completely renewed inside and out.

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