Erotic Massage Advantages, all the pleasure at your disposal

The erotic massage, also known as Tantra massage or sensual massage, is a type of massage destined to those people who wish to explore oriental massage techniques.

It is even considered as an art form, as well as a type of physical therapy in which nude bodies are involved that complement each other to achieve or improve sexual arousal.

What many people do not realize is that erotic massage offers a series of advantages for health and lifestyle that are well worth taking into account.

Therefore, below we want to talk about the benefits of an erotic massage.

With an erotic massage you put aside the inhibitions

Sometimes shyness and self-consciousness are weights that drag when we are not confident of our bodies and consequently this can affect our intimate life.

Tantric massage can teach you to put aside all inhibitions and appreciate your body as a powerful and valuable instrument of pleasure and enjoyment.

Keep in mind that we all came to this world naked and when we were little we were happy and free, until society told us it was wrong. The truth is that there is no shame in the shape and naked body of a person.

Certainly not all of us are young or models of catwalk, so there is no reason to fear to experiment with an erotic massage.

An erotic massage helps you improve your joint and muscle health

Another advantage of tantra massage has to do with what can help you relieve all those muscle and joint pains.

The pressure on muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, as well as tendons and lymph nodes, offers great benefits for the body in general.

With an erotic massage in particular, what is achieved is to stimulate circulation and relax the muscles of the body, in the same way as with a traditional massage, however in this case you have the additional plus that is a much more fun and pleasurable.

Many may not know it, but the back can play a very important role in sensual pleasure, which means that by submitting to an erotic massage that stimulates the large muscles of the back, you can create an ideal atmosphere for pleasure to come by itself.

A tantra massage can improve erections

In the case of women, they have known for many years that perineal massage can help relieve pelvic pain, improve blood flow, and facilitate labor.

Nowadays it is known that an erotic massage focused on the genital area of men, specifically the area of the perineum, stimulates the flow of blood to the genitals.

This helps strengthen erectile tissue and relieve pain, as well as prostate dysfunction through prostate massage.

When the area is gently caressed by the perineum for a period of time, the body relaxes, the pulse decreases and blood pressure also decreases.

With an erotic massage you can improve your relationship

A sensual massage offers a lot of advantages to the couple, as it is an excellent way to relax and open up to the feelings of your loved one.

A tantric massage also helps you improve your ability to experience pleasure, which in turn is essential to strengthen your relationship with the person you love.

An erotic massage can teach you to be more open and aware of the needs, as well as the feelings and emotions of you and your partner.

It allows you to enjoy the pleasure in a mutual way, all without any kind of inhibition or embarrassment.

With a tantra massage you prevent stress and anxiety

Most people today have a very fast pace of life and too much stress. A healthy way to combat this condition and also prevent anxiety, is through an erotic massage.

There is medical research that shows that a massage can increase the production of endorphins in the body, thereby allowing the muscles to relax.

Not only that, dopamine and serotonin are also released during the sessions of an erotic massage, providing a sense of calm and well-being.

Consequently, a sensual massage is not only to provide pleasure, but also to provide and improve the lifestyle, feel good about yourself and improve in all aspects.