Prostatic Massage

Prostatic massage in Barcelona is a massage made for men who know how to recognize all their points of pleasure and live sexuality in its fullness.

The “g-spot” of the man is at the entrance of the anus, where the touches are capable of generating an indescribable and overwhelming pleasure, as you can never have imagined.

At Dharma Tantra Massage Center we want you to get free and relax to the fullest, and this you will achieve with the help of our masseurs who are experienced masseurs in all areas.

You will start your massage choosing if you want it to be done on a tatami or on a stretcher. Our tantra masseuse will start making you naked massage, with your whole body on yours. As this is an interaction massage is total, you can walk its curves with your hands, enjoy the soft touch of her breasts, her buttocks … Or even her intimate area. Meanwhile, she will look for the best technique to stimulate you; your hands will travel down your back to your buttocks, which will massage consciously to relax your erogenous area; continue with the inner part of your thighs, gradually.

Thanks to this massage, you will feel an absolute relaxation in all your body. You can relax while the waves of pleasure begin to diminish in your body, stretched on the futon, absorbed in the soothing music and the tantric atmosphere.

  • A massage with total interaction, which means that you can caress your masseuse whenever you want and with absolute freedom: you will enjoy not only a relaxing massage, cozy and full of eroticism, but also to feel the skin of the masseuse under your skin, palms and go through her curves, her breasts, her intimate area …
  • A prostatic massage is a massage where the main focus will be to create sensations, pleasures and tingling in the erogenous area, running through the perineum, the inside of the buttocks, and especially the prostate gland… Ecstasy is guaranteed and is total. In addition, we offer a variety of toys with which you can achieve higher rates of pleasure if you wish.
  • Foam and salt bath – 40€

  • Double relaxation – 30€

  • Striptease – 20€

  • Nuru – 30€

  • Erotic toys – 20€

  • Strap On – 60€

  • Lesbian Show – 60€

  • Shisha with tea – 30€

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Other Massages