What you do not know about oral sex and you had not dared to ask

Do you think you know everything about oral sex? Are you sure you practice it correctly? Do you know some of its benefits and possible consequences? If you keep reading we may surprise you with some curiosities that had not even crossed your mind.

But the best thing to do is to start at the beginning, as to start talking without properly clarifying the concepts can lead to confusion:

What is oral sex?

It is an amatory art in which the female or male genital areas are sexually stimulated using the mouth, lips and tongue. It can be carried out between two men, two women, or a man and a woman. When it is practiced to a woman in the vagina it is called cunnilingus, when it is practiced to a man in the penis, it is called fellatio and when it is carried out in the anus, it is known as anilingus.

Oral sex has its complexity and can be as varied as people in the world exist. It is generally used in previous sexual games, that is, before the actual sexual act.

  • Is it something modern?

No way. The first known oral sex stories go back to the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian, who by decree ordered all her prestigious visitors to practice a cunnilingus as an offering for her arrival.

Some stories, which obviously can not be verified, tell that Cleopatra practiced blows to the soldiers. Legend has it that she could do it with up to a hundred soldiers in one night.

Among the Romans, Julius Caesar was most famous for his good arts in this field.

  • Oral sex has some risks

Oral sex can cause the infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) which in turn has some chances of being the cause of throat cancer. It can also give rise to other sexually transmitted diseases. However, you should not be afraid but enjoy it in all its magnitude, but we suggest you be careful when practicing it with strangers.

Having a stable partner and the use of condoms specially designed to practice oral sex considerably reduces the risk of contracting any type of sexual illness. Some of these condoms have the shape of a dental protector, they are very comfortable and there are various flavors. If you think you can see yourself in a situation of risk, using them is a great idea.

As an alternative to oral sex with risks, we recommend you to perform a nuru massage in Barcelona with a happy ending. It is a safe and risk-free option that will satisfy you enormously.

  • And in pregnancy, can you practice oral sex?

Of course, even if the state of gestation is advanced, it can become the most enjoyable practice because it is comfortable and pleasant. You just have to take some precautions so that your future baby does not take risks, such as:

Take care of oral hygiene.

Whoever practices oral sex does not have any contagious disease in the mouth.

Do not breathe air into the vagina because it can affect the baby and also the mother.

  • The animals also practice oral sex

According to science, there are many animals that practice oral sex and even self-profiling, a capacity that, unfortunately, has not been given to humans.

Among them we find squirrels, bats, brown bears, goats, sheep, hyenas, Darwin’s bark spiders, macaques, wolves and some primates. In the younger bonobos oral sex practices used as a game have been appreciated, but we also use it like that, right?

  • Acts as an antidepressant

Semen has antidepressant properties. Some of its components such as estrone, cortisol, melatonin and serotonin produce a hormonal reaction that helps to fight depression, whether it comes in contact with the mouth or the vagina.

  • Oral sex makes you fat

Well, let’s do not exaggerate either. It  does not make you fat! But it is said that a normal ejaculation has 20 calories, we believe that sex consumes more than that amount, do not you think?

Do you know any other oral sex curiosity that you can share with us?