What is the Dharma tantric massage?… History and secrets

Tantric massage Dharma is an erotic and sensual massage, in which the person lies on a special stretcher or tatami, to receive a relaxing massage. While it is not possible to caress the masseuse, who receives the massage is cared for and pampered at all times. This type of Dharma massage therapies aim to restore your optimal balance of life.

What is the Dharma?

The Dharma is a key concept within Hinduism and Buddhism. It is said to have two meanings; the first one makes reference to that the Dharma, when it is written with a capital letter, simply means the collective teachings of the Buddha. In this sense one might think that the Dharma simply means “The Teachings”.

A second meaning of Dharma when written in lowercase, makes references to “how things are”. While it may seem a vague definition, the reality is that the word “dharma” has been

used to imply “the laws of nature” or “what sustains the universe.” Sometimes it is synonymous with the English word “nature”.

An interesting aspect to mention has to do with that throughout the antiquity, from the time of the Vedas, some years before Christ, the Dharma has been considered as an invariable universal law, very similar to the laws of gravity, the mathematics, as well as fluid dynamics. As with gravity, which is considered a universal law no matter what it is called in different languages, Dharma is also considered a universal law no matter what it is called in different religions.

Tantric massage Dharma

It is said that when we stay in tune with our natural flow of energy, we can truly optimize all areas of our lives. This is something that works not only in the context of our health and attitude to life, as well as in our relationships, our physical relationships and also in our interactions within a community.

What are its benefits?

An important aspect of Dharma Tantric massage is that it offers significant and positive effects that have been proven empirically on numerous occasions. This type of erotic massage offers benefits to health that go beyond precisely the erotic and sexual. For starters, a person who undergoes a Dharma massage can relieve the pain that afflicts them.

Therefore, if you are experiencing back pain, headache, muscle pain or any other type of ailment, you should definitely try the Tantric Dharma massage. This type of erotic massage also helps you improve your sleep, which means that if you have trouble falling asleep at night and during the day your performance is not adequate, you can also try this massage to start sleeping better .

One of the most common conditions that people experience very often is stress. What not many know is that with the DHARMA tantric massage it is possible to reduce the stress hormones, which will keep you much less stressed throughout the day, thus allowing your overall performance to improve significantly.

This massage is even helpful to increase or redirect lymph flow, as we know, along with the lymph nodes and vessels, form the lymphatic system that is vital for the immune system.

But probably one of the most salutary health benefits of Dharma tantric massage is related to the fact that it helps reduce depression. As we know, depression is a disease that affects a large number of people around the world and in many cases seriously interferes with their lifestyle and of course their health.

But that’s not all, a Dharma massage is also widely recommended because it helps stimulate the immune system. This means that it keeps the immune system optimized so that it can respond and quickly eliminate any threat to health.

It must also be said that many people, after a very heavy workday, tend to experience tension in their muscles, which does not allow them to rest comfortably. In this sense, Dharma massage can help relieve muscle tension, relaxing muscles and allowing them to recover quickly.

Along with all the aforementioned health benefits, receiving a Dharma tantric massage is also a great help as it can delay muscle atrophy, as well as prevent injuries and reduce vertigo.