Spanking a hidden practice

If you have not ever listened about spanking does not mean that you have never practiced it in some moment; may it be in its softer and less compromised modality.

Spanking is a sexual practice considered as sadomasochistic and, as it, is also considered one of the most controverted.

However, it is about a type of sexual pleasure that is carried on very frequently. And, even if a big number of couples practice it in their intimacy, some people see it as an aggressive game.

But, as everything in sex this practice has to be previously consensuated. If both members of the couple consent it and enjoy it, it transforms into an act highly exciting and funny in all its senses.

What is exactly spanking?

Next we will tell you about hairs and signs what is spanking and how can you practice it in a way that is much more exciting. At the end of the post we will leave you some tips to enjoy it to the fullest with your partner or one of our erotic masseuses.

The term spanking comes from the English language and refers to spanking that a couple is tipped during the sexual act.

In this practice, each member of the couple takes a specific role: the dominator or the dominated. In this way, both get excited by using physical punishment as tool to give and receive sexual pleasure.

The whip is given by hand, or with any other object, on the buttocks of the couple with the order to get excited and excite. Spanking can be done with different levels of intensity.

However, it is not the whipping that is the only protagonist of the erotic game, there is involved a complex role play in which one of the partners is the submissive and the other is the dominant one. The star theme is to play which one has committed “some missing” and deserves to be punished by the other.

The most important thing in this sexual game is that both members of the couple agree to play their role without regard. Fantasy must be accepted and shared; this depends on greater or lesser pleasure obtained.

If one of the two is not absolutely convinced, be it because it seems for him/her denigrant or hurtful, it will be not possible to reach the plenity that the game has to provide. If it is the case, we do not advice you continue with the spanking; there exists a lot of other types of sexual games that can be equally exciting.

What can you play to implement spanking?

As a sexual practice in which submission plays the main role, there are infinite variants of roles to assume.

Among them, the following:

  • To the nurse and the patient.
  • To the teacher and the student.
  • The bad girl and the manners corrector.
  • The naughty dog and its owner.

Additional tips to enjoy spanking

Spanking can be done with your hand, with straps or with any other element made with leather, plastic or wood. In the sexshops you will find the more diverse gadgets that you can imagine.

  • The roles do not have to be fixed but can be exchanged as desired. The intensity of the spanking should always adapt to the taste of the recipient.
  • Be aware that they must avoid violent blows that may cause some kind of hurt.
  • It is possible that over time, the couple will feel more pleasure as the intensity increases of the whip.

The spanking and the erotic massages

Spanking can be part of the preliminary games and alternate with an erotic massage fetish-fantasy like the one we offer in Dharma Massages, for example.

This is a type of massage in which almost anything has a place: police disguises, of nurse, of schoolgirl, as well as the employment of different erotic toys. Is a Massage that integrates erotic sado and in which you can ask us for a mistress who dominates you.

In short, there are as many role-playing games as there are imaginative participants.

The spanking must be subject to the will, preferences and desires of both members of the couple, in which it is essential to clearly establish the roles and limits.

What do you think about this sexual practice? Have you ever practiced spanking? Tell us your experience in the comments, we will be happy to read you.