Prostate Massage and its benefits

The misperception that prostate massage violates manhood has changed as the variety of conditions that can be treated are known.

Today there are many men who experience the benefits of a prostate massage.

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage therapy basically consists of massaging the prostate in man. This is done either for medical reasons or also for a therapeutic issue. The procedure is performed by a professional masseuse in a comfortable and suitable environment for the person.

In addition, the use of prostate massage is backed by its benefits for a wide variety of conditions, including erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatis.

Benefits of a prostate massage

One of the main benefits of a prostate massage is that it helps clean the prostate duct. This duct crosses the prostate of man and the rest of his reproductive and urinary system.

Consequently, a prostate massage can produce a spontaneous secretion of fluid. The secretion, in turn, helps to clean the duct of any liquid that is inside.

Painful ejaculations

Men who experience painful ejaculations during sexual intercourse can greatly benefit from prostate massage. In fact it is known that prostate massage can relieve blockages of fluids in the reproductive system of man.

All these blockages can cause serious discomfort or pain when ejaculating, so a prostate massage can eliminate them and provide a more satisfying sex life.

Erectile dysfunction

Another benefit of prostate massage has to do with erectile dysfunction. In fact, long before the options of modern treatments for erectile dysfunction, men already resorted to massage therapy and stimulation of the prostate to treat this condition.

Therefore, if you have problems to achieve and maintain an erection, it is a good idea to consider a prostate massage to relieve this condition.

Improve urine flow

A recurring problem in men, especially as they age, is the flow of urine. Because the prostate surrounds the urethra, a prostate massage can help improve the flow of urine.

As the swelling and inflammation in the prostate increases, this glandular organ begins to interfere or even completely cut off the flow of urine. Prostate massage helps eliminate inflammation of the prostate and, consequently, helps improve urine flow.

What is a prostate massage like? It is painful?

In fact, a prostate massage is very similar to the rectal exam performed by urologists when they analyze the prostate for lumps or signs of cancer. The difference is that a prostate massage acquires a sexual connotation that, far from causing pain, generates immense pleasure.

During a prostate massage, the masseuse proceeds to insert a gloved and lubricated finger into the rectum of the man. Then make sure to gently press and massage the prostate for several minutes.

At the same time, the masseuse or massage therapist also stimulates the genitals of man, including the testicles and the penis to achieve greater excitement and pleasure. By stimulating both the prostate and the male genitals, man experiences one of the best orgasms in his life.

And while prostate massage can be a bit awkward at times, it really shouldn’t be painful, unless the person has a medical problem.

The environment in which the prostate massage is performed also contributes to generating a much more intimate and exciting sexual experience. The massage is done in a private area, where there is no noise or distractions, it can even be done directly in a hotel or at the person’s home.

Many men feel uncomfortable with the topic of prostate massage. But in reality when they decide to give themselves the opportunity to receive a prostate massage, they realize that they can experience an unknown sexual pleasure.

Prostate orgasm is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant sexual experiences that man can experience. Best of all, in addition to providing unique sexual satisfaction, it is also beneficial in terms of health.