Approaching a woman’s body, specifically her vagina with a sense of adoration, is something that few people have considered. In Tantra, sexuality acquires a sacred concept; The vagina is called Yoni in Sanskrit and is basically translated as “a sacred space”. The idea is to approach the vagina with a perspective of maximum love and respect. The Yoni massage, therefore, is a technique focused on truly honoring a woman, giving her a disinterested pleasure and at the same time exploring that sacred side of our sexuality.

What is the Yoni massage?

Yoni’s tantric technique is more than an erotic massage; It is not about having an orgasm, but about feeling more and more pleasure that will transform into waves of multiple orgasms throughout the massage. This type of massage can be done alone or our partner can do it, either individually or as a game before making love.

It is worth mentioning that Yoni massage is particularly beneficial for women who have never experienced orgasms. It is a technique that gives you time to slowly explore your entire body in a more sensual way. Not only that, it can also help women who have an orgasm to feelfinishedto achieve multiple orgasms.

Yoni massage can even be healing for those who have suffered some type of sexual trauma in the past, since both the technique and the focus are intended to make the woman feel loved, appreciated, revered and honored.

Massage techniques Yoni

Yoni massage requires a previous warm-up of your body through a breast massage and stimulation of the nipples. The Yoni massage techniques that we share below will help you not only to have multiple orgasms, but to experience the true pleasure of your sexuality.


It consists of making a circle around the tip of your clitoris with the tip of your finger to provoke excitement. You must vary from small circles to larger circles and alternate the pressure on that area from light to heavy.

Push and pull

What you should do here is push down on your clitoris and perform small pushing and pulling movements. Then slide your finger down through the entire axis of the clitoris. Do this on both sides of the shaft and do not forget that some women are more sensitive in one part of the clitoris than in another.

Pulling and rolling

To pull the clitoris, you must pull the body gently by grasping the sides and pulling back and forth. You can also move your fingers lower and pull the vaginal lips; keep variable movements from the upper part of the clitoris to the lips. Now you must stimulate the clitoris holding it firmly and rolling it between the thumb and forefinger.


To identify how the body responds, you have to use one or more fingers and touch the clitoris in different rhythms, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

Massage point G

To find point G, it is necessary to bend the first two fingers as a letter C and slide them into the vagina. You should feel the soft and fluffy skin just behind the clitoris and massage this area with a movement of attraction with the curved fingers. You must vary between fast and slow movements. You can also stimulate the clitoris at the same time or exert pressure on the pubic bone.

How to get multiple orgasms?

The key is to get right to the edge of orgasm again and again. That is, when the body seems to be ready to explode, in that moment stop the stimulation and then start again in that way to create multiple waves of orgasms instead of just one.

During the periods when you stop stimulating, you have to place your hand on your heart to help keep your body grounded and feel the energy of love. Then you have to start the excitement again to the point where you reach orgasm, then back off and de-accelerate.

In the end, the longer the previous game or the round trip, the more pleasure the woman will experience.