For more than 9,000 years, tantric massage has been practiced and its origins go back to the Himalayan mountains in India. In this country, religious leaders held the belief that sexual ritual was the way to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation. Nowadays, tantra Barcelona massages are in great demand due to their multiple benefits, not only in terms of sexuality, but also of health and physical well-being.

Tantric massage and its benefits

Today’s tantric massage takes the teachings of Tantra and transforms them into a full-body experience. The tantra massages in Barcelona are intensified by the incorporation of breathing exercises, as well as through genital stimulation. Therefore, we speak of a sensitive massage that is essential for anyone looking for a complete relationship of both mind and body and with the additional benefit of a “happy ending”.

Tantric massage relaxes your body

One of the main advantages of tantra massage in Barcelona is that it relaxes your body much more than just the back and shoulder pain. That is, in these erotic massages in Barcelona, every part of your body is meticulously taken care of, so there is not a single area that is ignored. Many people who try tantric massage for the first time are surprised that they can remain so relaxed while being aroused at the same time. This is because tantra massage seeks to satisfy and relax your being at the same time.

Improve your breathing

In a tantra massage center, this type of massage is offered, which incorporates many breathing techniques that have proven to be effective for centuries. The breathing methods used during the massage session help you improve the overall experience and, at the same time, teach you how to use your breath to control your bodily responses in a more natural way.

Emotional healing

Maybe you can think that being a center of erotic massages, everything is related to sex. However, you should know that the tantric massage is mainly focused on improving your emotional well-being. While it is true that you have exceptional physical attributes, you can expect even better results in the emotional aspect. As you learn to receive pleasure, your self-esteem intensifies, which leads to better happiness in general.

You experience true pleasure

During a tantric massage, the erotic masseuses in Barcelona, give you pleasure in many ways. You will experience the pleasure of relaxing your muscles, pleasure of emotional balance and pleasure of sexual energy that is replenished. In most cases, the sexual arousal experienced during tantric massage leads to orgasm, which, while welcome, is not really the only goal in general.

Become aware of yourself

A Nuru massage in Barcelona is also the best way to become aware of yourself, when you realize that you are giving total control of every aspect of your body to another person. A tantric massage requires you to put aside your inhibitions and insecurities and leave them in the hands of expert masseurs. Because each area of your body is given total attention, you will learn to know yourself in new ways and discover parts of your inner being that you have never been aware of before.

Improve your health

With a tantric massage you can also improve many aspects of your health, including circulation, emotional well-being, as well as reducing stress levels in your life. All these as a whole will allow you to stay in good health, without mentioning that you will also get a better physical and emotional perspective of your future.

It helps you control impulses

The happiness and pleasure that a tantric massage generates also comes from the breathing techniques that you acquire during the massage. These techniques are designed to help you control your most natural human impulses. Many people have discovered that the problems they once had, such as premature ejaculation, become something they can control once they learn to focus their minds and enjoy pleasure at the present time, instead of seeing it as a means to an end .