Erotic Massages; Body and mind

The spiritual and physical benefits of massages cannot be overestimated. From a health perspective, massage has the ability to reduce muscle spasms, provides relief from pain and muscle stiffness, as well as stimulates blood circulation and releases toxins from our body.

But in reality the massage is much more than just that, it is also a spiritual journey into our interior. The spiritual benefits are truly infinite and may vary depending on how deep your relationship with the earth, your body and your senses.

What are the spiritual benefits of massage?

Next I will talk to you about the main spiritual benefits of massages. Benefits that most of the time we don’t know and that we often don’t give them the importance they really have.

Balance our spiritual energy

Different types and techniques of massage offer ways to balance our spiritual energy, all through touch. Anyone who uses alternative methods of healing understands that massage is more than just getting a relaxing massage.

Each massage style offers different healing properties and connects with spiritual principles that go beyond a simple muscular ailment.

Channel our energy

Most different types of massages are considered tactile therapies because they provide a gentle massage that channels energy through precisely touch. The spiritual side of massage is as beneficial as the physical side.

Some massage techniques begin in the head and travel the entire body down through what is known as the seven “chakras” or energy centers of our body. Much of the massage techniques are believed to be valuable for daily stress management.

They also offer benefits in promoting the cure of diseases that include chronic pain, heart disease, infertility, diabetes and even cancer.

Spiritual renewal

Usually people looking for a massage do so with the intention of feeling better or healing their ailments. What they don’t know is that by undergoing a massage session they can also renew their spiritual side and feel completely transformed.

Massage techniques include fluid rhythmic movements over the body to incite an energy catharsis. These are deep and resonant massages that have the objective of restoring, releasing and releasing the person emotionally.

Therefore it is like a very earthly and often renewing body therapy in spiritual terms. In addition, the masseuses are trained to focus completely on the client, showing an attitude of love and compassion, that at the end of the session people feel grateful.

Beyond just a body massage

To consider only the physical side as the maximum benefit of the massages would be wrong. Massages of all kinds have the power to transport you to places you never thought existed inside.

They allow you to connect with your inner self and explore sensations and feelings that really have a positive impact on your spiritual side. The movements and pressure combined with the herbal oils that are often used, contribute to balance your mental state and at the same time your nervous system.

You experience a calm and total relaxation that helps you get the stress out of your mind and body. Eventually, erotic massages or any kind help you achieve lasting changes in your emotional and physical well-being.

A spiritual massage therapy not only makes you feel good, it also plays a fundamental role in the process of self-healing and empowerment. Experiencing a massage will show you how important it is to be touched, not only in the physical sense, but also in the emotional and spiritual.

Frequently neglected our own needs and desires, always putting others ahead and unconsciously promoting unhealthy cycles that do nothing but deplete and wear out mentally.

But by resorting to traditional massage therapy we can benefit from energy healing and begin to restore our health at all levels, not only physically, but also at a more spiritual level, having a deeper sense of connection and well-being.

In the end, a massage not only helps you relieve physical ailments, it can also help you discover that spiritual side we all have but we don’t know how beneficial it can be.