Tantric massage and erotic massage

The eternal question that is asked by who has not yet visited a tantra massage center in Barcelona as Dharma is: what is the difference between an erotic massage and a tantric massage?

Today we are going to try to answer this question as simply as possible, so that, from now on, you can be clear about what both types of massages are about and stop confusing them

Similarities between a tantric massage and an erotic massage

● Sensual massages given throughout the entire body.
● They aim at muscle relaxation.
● Both massages touch the sacred genital areas: the Lingam in men and the Yoni in women. ● Both massages tend to break cultural sexual blocks.
● They are massages that enhance the imagination and sexual energy, like in the case specific of the Mistic Sensitive Massage.

As you can see, although the similarities are very few, it is because of them that both Massages can be easily confused. Especially when the word tantra is related exclusively (or almost) with sex, detracting from its spiritual and emotional essence.

Differences between a tantric massage and an erotic massage

Erotic massage

Erotic massage aims, in addition to sexual pleasure, the extent of female orgasm or male ejaculation. Many times you will hear them being mentioned along with the phrase “happy ending” that refers to the manual stimulation to reach the climax.

It is a necessary massage in the society in which we still live. A society where sexual repression continues to prevail, fear of what people will say, lack of acceptance in the face of different sexual inclinations and personal insecurities.

In addition to sex education that is still very poor and leads to think that enjoying sex for sex in itself is synonymous of indecency and debauchery. This does that many people do not dare to explore their free, healthy and satisfying sexuality fully. And if they do, they do it with guilt.

This is the main reason why many people still need to explore this facet more physical of their sexuality to release their desires and fantasies and get rid of any shame, taboos, fears and erroneous beliefs.

In this order of things, erotic massage meets this social mission very well.

Tantric massage

There are fundamental characteristics that allow to define a massage as tantric and clearly differentiate it from erotic massage.

The tantric massage is carried out through a ritual that awakens the sexual energy to distribute it throughout the nervous system. In this way, it channels it through the central channel Sushumna, while purifying the energetic channels of the body and harmonizing the chakras.

Be that as it may, the purpose of a tantric massage is never pleasure for pleasure, but it constitutes a means to awaken sensuality, sensitivity and senses.

What makes a tantric massage special is the use and channeling of energy sexual; this is the key to reach a different state of consciousness through sexual joy.

The goal is not to achieve orgasm or ejaculation, but neither does it refuse to do so. All otherwise, when the climax is reached it does so in full and complete connection with the more intimate Divine essence, with the inner being.

Each person is different and not always the tantra massage has to include the genitals for awaken consciousness. The stimulation of Lingam or Yoni will depend on the sensitivity and need of who receives the massage.

A fundamental aspect of Tantra is the use of breathing through the mouth or nose during the massage. The purpose of breathing is to anchor the body and help expand the interior energy, creating a state of deep relaxation.

The breath helps us to be present and absolutely aware of our body. And not only helps who receives the massage but also the tantric masseur who gives it.

Touching or being touched does not entail any special intention other than to connect the heart with Divine love. In this way the masseur eludes any moralistic belief
that could interfere with the session.

Finally, to say that the technique is important, especially if you massage the Yoni or the Lingam Although not only does the technique make a tantric masseur good or good, there is a lot more behind it. The technique without a heart is useless. It’s not about taking a few rigid and structured steps but to obtain an intimate, loving and spiritual connection between masseuse and massaged.

In short, tantra massage includes erotic massage, but erotic massage does not include tantric massage.

The tantric massage is absolutely magical, do you dare to try it with one of our masseurs?