Sex during pregnancy is good for both the woman and her baby. In fact, it helps you sleep better, lowers blood pressure, and even makes women happier. Here we will talk about some of the benefits of sex during pregnancy.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Although most of the time it is safe to have sex in pregnancy. It is always important to get the green light from the doctor first. This just to make sure there are no complications.

Another reason to discuss sex with your doctor is if you have a history of miscarriage. Even if you have a higher risk of having one. If this is the case, your doctor may suggest avoiding sexual intercourse during the first months of pregnancy.

Can sex during pregnancy harm the baby?

When the doctor authorizes sexual intercourse during pregnancy. That means it is perfectly safe to do so. Keep in mind that the amniotic sac keeps the baby warm and protected while intercourse is taking place.

It is worth mentioning that some women are concerned that penetration may touch the baby’s head. In reality, the baby is not close to where the sexual intercourse takes place.

Also, the baby cannot see what the mother is doing. She also has no idea what is going on. Even if you experience some knocking from the baby, that is not a reaction linked to pleasure. It is just a normal fetal response to uterine activity.

Your baby could even be enjoying the wavy movements that sex brings.

What are the benefits of sex during pregnancy?

Below you can see some benefits of having sex during pregnancy:

It is an excellent way to bond with your partner

Women know well that pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions. Both for them and for their partners. Therefore, by being intimate with each other, it is possible to stay connected during this moment of pleasure.

It is also excellent for physical health

Most do not know it, but have 30 minutes of sex, even in pregnancy. It can help you burn around 50 calories. Furthermore, it also lowers blood pressure.

It can relieve pain and discomfort

Because orgasms trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that can increase your tolerance for pain. Sex during pregnancy can help with those pesky backaches and the usual discomforts.

Improves sleep

Having sex when you are pregnant doesn’t just help women relax. It also causes them to release the wellness hormones mentioned above.

Promotes a better mood

Although women may feel excited about their pregnancy. Hormonal upsets can still cause anxiety and sadness.

The release of oxytocin that occurs after orgasm is not only beneficial for physical pain. It can also help increase feelings of love and good mood.

May help with labor

When you have an orgasm, the uterus is stimulated to contract. Unless the woman is in the final part of her pregnancy. Also, that your body is ready to begin the birthing process.

The contractions are not strong enough for you to go into labor. However, once contractions start, a sexual romp can ease the process.

It can also facilitate postpartum recovery

Another benefit of sex during pregnancy is that it can help tone the pelvic floor. What is done is to prepare the body for both delivery and recovery. Just by having orgasms.

Additionally you can try doing Kegel exercises during sexual intercourse. This will help those vaginal muscles to be much fitter.

Erotic massage during pregnancy

It is well known that pregnancy brings a lot of discomfort. From back pain, fatigue, heartburn, varicose veins, to swollen ankles. These are not things that would make a woman feel like a sex goddess.

However, if they can make her open to the idea of ​​being pampered. And the best way to do it is through an erotic massage during pregnancy. It is something that has many potential benefits in reducing back and joint pain.

In addition, an erotic massage for pregnant women reduces edema and muscle tension. It will also improve the oxygenation of the soft tissues. Of course, it will decrease stress and anxiety. It will even provide a better quality of sleep as well.

Even, it is known that a regular tantric massage also facilitates the birthing process. In fact, tantric massage during pregnancy can easily be included in the weekly routine.

Furthermore, it must not be forgotten that the mother and the fetus are intimately connected. Therefore, if the mother is relaxed and happy, the fetus will be too.