Dare to try Tantric Massage

Surely you have already heard the term “tantric massage” and you must also have heard what it means, but you should know that many times the definition or meaning that we can hear related to this term may be wrong.

The term “tantric massage” has transcended through time and some cultures, and in this process its meaning has been modified, losing the essence of what was once, because today it is very common to hear “tantric massage” And imagine a massage that ends in a sexual encounter or in a sexual relief, and it is not so.

Tantric massage is an act of caresses that should not necessarily end in a sexual act, but in order to better understand this concept, it is necessary to define what tantra is.

What is tantra?

Tantra is one of the most esoteric body liberation practices and with unique connections to the universe that may exist.

It is estimated that tantra existed since 1500 BC. Therefore, it is considered a part of the oldest and oldest cultures in history.

There are indications that tantra originated in India 600 years ago, but it also became part of ancient Chinese culture at a time.

Tantra is a practice of esotericism with a Hindu and Buddhist origin, one of the main objectives in tantra is to be able to achieve that the soul, the senses and the body can have a feeling of emotions in full bloom in interaction with the universe .

That is, tantra tries to achieve spirituality and the recognition of the divinity of the whole and this is achieved through practices that must be taught, because tantra is not something that is practiced on its own or learned, it is needed a teacher’s guide to carry it out correctly when the subject is unknown.

What is a tantric massage?

As you will understand, the art of tantra tries to generate awareness of the whole, to have a universal connection and to be able to feel the whole being itself in all splendor.

So what is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is not sexual massage with the purpose of sexual act that includes ejaculation or an orgasm, that is, in tantric massage if it generates sexual energy but this is not used for a sexual act because that energy is channeled to be able to carry the body to a state of maximum awareness of your emotions and feelings.

People specialized in providing tantric massages resort to body contact in order to awaken new sensations for the body.

The purpose is that the body can awaken new energies and new sensations in already known or new parts, with the help of body contact.

Tantric massage methodology

There are no two tantric massages that become the same, they are all different, because in each one of them they seek to awaken new emotions to the body.

During the process that entails a tantric massage it is intended that during the first moments the body can deactivate all thought and mental process that prevents it from being able to relax completely and that is how the body enters a world of
new sensations, where the same body is intended to reach a more intense and pleasant sensory perception, even without sexual intercourse.

All of the above is generated based on the stimulation of the chakras mainly and taking the massage to key points for the body.


Tantric massage is not like a conventional massage, and while one of its benefits is relaxation and the elimination of stress and in some cases pain, this massage is much more pleasant than a conventional one.

As one of the main purposes of tantric massage is the power to lead the body to forget about those barriers that prevent relaxation.

One of the best benefits of tantric massage is that due to the above, the body and mind can reach a better daily performance and wake up parts of both that have been asleep or inherent.

That is why tantric massage brings many improvements on a spiritual, mental and physical level.