Erotic massage, as well as other types of massage, provide many benefits to mental health. Regardless of whether you are looking to experience sexual pleasure, you should also consider all the good things that a massage offers you on a more emotional level.

What are the mental health benefits of massage?

Massage should be one of the main resources to use when everyday situations get complicated. Here we share some of the best mental health benefits that erotic massages offer you.

Massage stimulates the production of hormones

If you’re currently experiencing depression, even getting out of bed can be challenging. However, there is a high correlation between massage and relief of symptoms associated with depression.

Several investigations in this regard have revealed that massage affects body chemistry. It even has the ability to increase serotonin as well as dopamine. Both are neurotransmitters that are linked to depression.

Also, one of the most isolated feelings of depression is loneliness. This leads to disconnecting from friends, minimizing human contact. Fortunately, there is oxytocin, better known as the hormone of happiness.

This is a hormone our body releases when we cuddle or bond socially. However, it is also released through non-sexual contact, including traditional massages.

Oxytocin is also linked to trust and can even lead to greater social bonding. Therefore, it is a good idea that after a massage session you socialize with your friends or seek the company of your partner.

Erotic or traditional massages relieve anxiety

It is another of the mental health benefits that massages offer you. People who often experience episodes of anxiety should try a massage session to see the benefits.

It is now known that massage has the ability to reduce cortisol levels by up to 30%. This is the hormone that produces stress and causes the anxiety that you experience much of the day.

In fact, an erotic massage can reduce all that stress that builds up in your body and leads to anxiety. Massage is also known to provide a safe space for people by keeping them away from all stress and anxiety triggers.

Massages also improve your concentration

If you have trouble concentrating, erotic massages can also help you. In fact, with a massage you can increase your ability to fulfill all the tasks that you usually need to perform.

And it is that often people experience such high tension that it prevents them from concentrating correctly. What happens with this muscle tension is that it diverts blood flow to that area of ​​the body, rather than to your brain.

Therefore, once you release all that muscle tension through massage, you will improve blood flow to your brain. As a result, the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain will be increased, allowing you to improve your focus and concentration.

Even recent research shows a reduction in alpha and beta frontal potency. This suggests heightened alertness after receiving a massage.

Not only that, people who receive a massage show greater speed and precision in solving mathematical problems.

Massage stimulates the lymphatic system

This is a mental and physical benefit of massage. In this sense, the lymphatic system of our body is a drainage system. It is responsible for eliminating toxins, as well as the accumulation of waste and bacteria.

Thanks to this, our body remains protected against external threats. The simple act of applying pressure to the appropriate areas of the body through massage, stimulates the lymphatic system.

Thanks to this, your body can detoxify more easily. In addition, this makes your blood circulate in a better way, generating a feeling of freshness and mental clarity.

Massage helps fight insomnia

When you can’t fall asleep, you generally feel frustrated and your performance drops considerably. However, this is a problem that can be solved through massage.

Especially if it is a massage that you receive just before sleeping. In other words, a massage session will lead you to a deep state of relaxation, which will induce a peaceful sleep in you that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

And because massage reduces stress in your life and increases serotonin levels. It allows you to relax so it is easier for you to fall asleep.

So next time you consider getting a massage, don’t just think about the sexual benefits, but also about the benefits for your mental health.

Also, if you don’t have a partner, get the massage. There are professional massage centers such as Dharma Massage, where you can enjoy a wide range of different types of massages.