Massages for couples … Discover the tantric art

n general, a large percentage of clients who come to a massage center to receive an erotic massage as a couple, do it with the intention of experiencing new sensations, fulfill their fantasies or discover new ways to improve their sexuality.

The truth is that in addition to all of the above, they can also benefit each other by adding creativity to the relationship, freeing themselves from the dynamics of everyday life, as well as increasing their sexual desire, improving and learning the techniques of sex, Tantric art, even Enjoy a moment of pleasure and relaxation together, as well as improve communication between them.

The erotic massage for couples

An erotic massage for couples also helps to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Most of the time, it is the man who decides to encourage his partner to do a couple’s massage, even saying that it is a relaxing and wonderful massage for couples or generalizing it as a traditional couple massage.

In both cases, the woman ends up accepting with a certain feeling of intrigue and curiosity, which means that in the end she ends up enjoying the erotic massage more than anyone else. It is not only for experiencing a new adventure to be touched and massaged by a

professional, but because she is discovering a new shared sensuality and just open her mind to a wide world of pleasure.

However, to convince your partner to accept an erotic massage as a couple, the man should never use pressure or blackmail, but this should be a decision of both, a consensus. The man should let his partner know clearly his desire to share his more open sensuality with her, in which he wants to learn to caress his body and become familiar with his erogenous zones, including making sure that the masseuse reaches where the couple wants them to go.

In many cases in which a couple’s massage is contracted, the erotic masseur only offers a body massage and leaves the genital massage for the couple. In other cases, the touches between the three are mutual, so usually in a massage center are adapted to the needs of each couple.

How to start with couples massage

To start in the world of erotic massages as a couple, there are different types of massages that adapt to what the couple wants and that increase in intensity and eroticism according to the technique used. Usually the best way to start with erotic massages is tantra massage, which is a massage in which the masseuse works exclusively on the complete bodies of the man and woman using their hands.

After breaking the barrier of shared sexuality, the couple can continue to rise in level of eroticism with body-to-body massage, in which body contact is perceived between the client and the masseuse, creating a more intimate atmosphere , resulting in a sensual dance for all the senses.

It is basically an interactive massage in which several tantric techniques are used and body to body are combined to achieve an exciting mix of sensations and sometimes a relaxing bath with aromas in a special bathtub is also part of the package that complements the ritual of eroticism.

It is worth mentioning that before opting for any of the erotic massages for couples, clients should decide a massage with one or two masseurs, since the massage will be carried out accordingly. Most couples usually request two masseurs, a female masseur for men and a male masseuse for women.

Of course in these cases, all those who contract an erotic massage as a couple enjoy total discretion and anonymity. But undoubtedly the benefits of receiving an erotic massage as a couple goes beyond the excitement or eroticism that all this causes, since it also contributes to strengthen the relationship as a couple, discovering areas and pleasures that had never even been contemplated in the relationship. For couples who are going through a difficult time, this type of massage can revive the flame of passion.

Erotic massages are also one of the best ways in which a couple can experience the true pleasure of their sexuality, enjoy an environment completely free of distractions and have an open mind and be willing to new sensations.

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