If you want to give a penis massage or lingam to your partner, here we will tell you everything you need to know on the subject. The first thing to understand is that this type of erotic massage has the sole intention of making your partner feel good.

It’s not about masturbating slowly

A penis massage is different from a handjob. It is something much slower and much more sensual. It also has a different purpose in that its objective is not to act as foreplay. Neither is it intended to cause ejaculation.

The important thing about penis massage is to give your partner a pleasant experience.

Also, a penis massage is given without expecting anything in return. In other words, when you give a penis massage, it’s only about your partner. Therefore, he can lie back and enjoy his erotic massage.

Nor are there certain expectations. That is, the penis will do what it has to do. Therefore, if ejaculation occurs early, there is no problem. Likewise, if the penis becomes flaccid or takes a long time to become erect, that’s fine too.

Consequently, your partner can relax without having to worry about all that anxiety to satisfy sexually.

The keys to giving a successful penis massage


It is important that you find a position that is comfortable for both of you. If your partner’s muscles get tired or sore, they will want the massage to end soon. Of course that mindset would defeat the purpose of the massage.

Any position that is comfortable for you and gives you easy access to your partner’s penis will work. In case you need to change your position, there is no problem with it. You will briefly interrupt the massage, but that’s better than feeling sore.

Use a lot of lubricant or essential oils

You will need a lot of lubricant to give a penis massage. In this case the main objective is to minimize friction. Spit can work if you just want to do a quick handjob.

However, it is not the most suitable for a penis massage. What happens is that the saliva dries up too quickly. Also, our salivary glands do not produce enough output to “meet that demand.”

Avoid using water-based lubricants. They often get sticky shortly after application. They even tend to absorb too quickly, although on the other hand they are best suited for sex toys.

It is also recommended that you have a towel nearby. Your hands will be too wet and so will your partner’s pelvis.

Explore the penis

As indicated above, the penis massage should be slow and sensual. This means that you should take the time to explore your partner’s body. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the shape of the penis.

You should also be attentive to how the penis reacts when you stroke it in a certain place or in a certain way.

Caresses all areas of the penis

Basically the penis has four separate areas that you should pay close attention to. These are: the scrotum, the trunk, the glans and the frenulum. The latter is that small tissue found at the base of the glans or cocoon.

In other words, when giving a penis massage you must make sure to caress these areas on more than one occasion.

You can also use sex toys

It is true that not all men use sex toys. But if your partner agrees, you can use some type of dildo to provide additional pleasure. Also, you can alternate the massage with the toy.

Maintain constant communication

Not all penises are the same, some are much more sensitive than others. Therefore, you must make sure that when giving a penis massage, you are doing it in the correct way and giving your partner a pleasant and pleasant moment.

There is a chance that your partner doesn’t like you putting too much pressure on his testicles. It may even be that he doesn’t like the technique you are trying to perform. Whether you ask him directly, or check his reactions, always maintain constant communication throughout the entire massage.

Pay attention to his breathing

While you are doing the penis massage, pay attention to his breathing. Also check the tension in his muscles and his moans. If you think he’s about to ejaculate, take your hands off his penis.

Instead of causing an ejaculation, stroke his testicles until his arousal subsides. If this is too much, you can choose to stroke his thighs for a few moments.

Once he relaxes again, resume your stroking and do the same if you feel he is close to orgasm. With this you will prolong the ejaculation, and when it happens, it will be much more intense and pleasant for your partner.


If you have never given a penis massage, it is a good time to do it. Besides being an erotic massage, it is highly relaxing and romantic. Additionally, this type of massage allows you to learn a little more about your partner’s body.

You can even learn new ways to pleasure him. Better yet, both of you will feel closer to each other once you’re done.