Erotic massage as a Christmas gift: A special Christmas

Still do not know what to ask Santa Claus? Do you need to make a gift to your best friend, relative or your partner? Do you need a companion to go to your dinner or company event at Christmas, or simply relax at our center after the evening with your co-workers? Do you really have no plan for Christmas, New Year or Kings? Do you want this Christmas to be, in one way or another, more original than in the previous years?

The Dharma Massage team, together with its beautiful masseurs, is willing to collaborate to make your old night or new year unbeatable with an erotic massage as a Christmas gift!

Some special dates

The dates are approaching in which we usually seek to return in harmony with ourselves, connect with the environment, strengthen ties with our family or friends … The purchase of gifts, whether for oneself or for others is a common event for this golden age . A good year ticket has to be fulfilled with a well-deserved gift for yourself.

And what better way to celebrate than attending Dharma Massages and giving yourself the Christmas treat you’ve always wanted?

For those who have already visited our facilities and have tasted the taste of eroticism and intimacy, such as those that you have not yet done, this is a great opportunity to give you that gift that you so longed for and could not get.

A pleasant and different gift

If it’s for yourself, visit our facilities reserving your appointment with your masseuse, either female and male, and enjoy a very sexy and hot Christmas gift in which the benefits you’ll get will be countless … Among them, through from the sensitive caresses of our experienced masseurs, you can awaken your sexuality, find new tastes, know the reactions of your body to the stimulation of your erogenous zones … And, indeed, enjoy and enjoy a session that aims to offer you the highest level of sensuality. In Dharma Massages, for Christmas, we want to put at your disposal a mystical and energetic experience that goes beyond sex!

Ideal gift for your partner

In the event that you want to give your partner an unexpected, exclusive and unforgettable gift, far from the formal and boring gifts of each year … This is also the best option to which you can decant!

Do not underestimate the power of erotic massages … It is something that is understood that tends to please the male audience, but we guarantee that your female partner will greatly enjoy any massage from our erotic massage menu, where the options are multiple, varied and very seductive . In Masajes Dharma we like to pamper women, who leave our center having enjoyed as never before a session of relaxation and eroticism. It can be attended by both a male masseur and a female masseur, both without distinction will help to bring you to a delicious climax.

Or, as a last option, a couples massage is a way to return the passion and intimacy to your relationship in full Christmas … You can learn together with the masseuse or masseurs new stimulation techniques to improve sexual understanding with your partner .

Celebrate your Christmas in Dharma Massages

And, to round off everything and ignite your desire to visit us, there is the option to celebrate your Christmas in Dharma Massages, with a group of friends and our beautiful masseurs as companions! Did not you imagine that possible?

A very sexy Christmas party with the best atmosphere in Barcelona! In the event that you are invited to a company party, to a work event, to a nightclub with friends … just contact us so we can introduce you to our available masseuses to accompany you to that evening and then receive the services of erotic masseuse professional on behalf of your companion, in a hotel or in your own home.

In the company of our erotic masseurs

Our erotic masseuses are not only professionals in the field of tantra and sensitive massage, but also educated and well-trained ladies who will dazzle you for their intelligence, fun and good energy …

We offer you an ideal, dreamy and very erotic Christmas.

You can come to our center to buy in advance the gift voucher with a 10% discount that you can give later to whoever you want. By presenting this voucher that person will receive an erotic massage “gift” from the extensive menu of our menu. This bonus has the cost of the erotic massage that you choose.

Dare to make an unusual and different gift that will surprise in a good way to any of yours.