Learn with us to have a multiple orgasm

If you feel true passion for sex and are one of those people that a single orgasm knows little about, you have to know that reaching the climax more than once is possible.

Throughout the post we will tell you what exactly is a multiple orgasm and how to achieve it.

What is an orgasm?

Before entering the topic of multiorgasmo, we need to define what an orgasm is.

Orgasm is the physiological response to the maximum phase of sexual arousal. It is expressed from rhythmic and involuntary contractions of the sexual muscles.

When the orgasm arises, if the excitement is maintained and the stimulation is adequate, the plateau phase may last a longer time. It is in this period when you can get to experience several orgasms.`

What is a multiple orgasm?

It is called multiple orgasm to a sequence of orgasms growing and continued during a sexual act and may be interspersed or not, with refractory periods. Refractory periods are periods of time from when you have orgasm until you return to feel the feeling of excitement.

Normally the first climax is the most intense and those that follow it are perceived as a series of continuous spasms. Although there are people for whom it is the other way around, the intensity increases with each orgasm.

The truth is that it is a sexual experience that many can consider impossible and believe that only happens in movies. Nonetheless, having an multiple orgasm is much more possible and accessible than you can imagine.

And now, let’s go to what you are most interested in:

Can anyone achieve a multiple orgasm?

You must keep in mind that achieving a multiple orgasm does not have to be something eventual. On the contrary, it can become a habitual sensation in your body.

The mind plays a fundamental role. If you are convinced that it is a little phenomenon common, when you reach the first orgasm your mind will say that you can not repeat it again and this will make you stop being excited.

Masturbation is an appropriate tactic to consciously bring the body to experience the first orgasm. Once you have the first one, it will be easier to obtain the consecutive follow-up using different sexual practices. For this, the help of an erotic masseuse is essential and therefore from Dharma Massages we recommend you Extreme Lust Massage to facilitate multiorgasm.

The previous game must vary. If you achieved the first masturbation orgasm, change the shape to get the second one. In this way the body will come out of the monotony and will be activated more quickly to reach successive orgasms.

Choose a comfortable position for your second orgasm. You have to feel that that position allows you to better stimulate your sexual desire and reach climax.

Do not insist on the same sexual organ if you are too sensitive to touch. Stimulates your other erogenous zones and then return to the first, gently and slowly.

Training the pelvic floor is the key

It is essential to have the pelvic floor trained to achieve multiple orgasms. This is valid for both men and women.

To strong then the pelvic floor perform the following exercises:

  • The first two weeks contract the pelvic floor muscles at least 15 times and keep them contracted for 3 seconds.
  • Alternate with 5 contractions that last 5 seconds.
  • If you have Chinese balls, use them while doing household chores or even if you leave purchases. They are very effective contraptions to passively work the pelvic floor.

How to get a multiple orgasm if you are a man

Stop ejaculation when you’re ready, breathe deeply to delay it so much as possible. Change the rhythm and return to the sexual act.

It is highly likely that by doing this you will get a multi-orgasm.

How to get a multiple orgasm if you are a woman

For women it is easier, because they do not need to reach the refractory period as men.

Try to tighten all the muscles of the body and press with it, the muscles of the vagina. Use your mind to reach the climax, use the fantasies that are most erotic. The goal is to increase the excitement as much as possible before reaching orgasm.

In short, to find the most appropriate way for you and get that multiple so desired orgasm you have to train both physically and mentally.

Like everything in sex, it is essential that you explore your body to reach a perfect knowledge of it. And do not be demoralized if you achieve a multiorgasm at first, with time and practice you will get it.

And you have you ever had a multiple orgasm?