Benefits of erotic massage for your skin during summer

This time we want to talk about the main benefits of erotic massage for your skin. Many times it is thought that being an erotic massage, all the benefits of massage are related to the sexual, however massage can also offer relief to stress in lifestyle, muscle pain and in the end to get younger looking skin and healthy.

Increased blood flow

Through an erotic massage it is possible to loosen the muscles and other soft tissues that are just under the skin, thereby allowing the blood to come more easily. All this has several benefits, including the fact that your skin acquires a healthier glow as the capillaries fill with blood.

Not only that, the nutrients found in the blood, they can easily nourish skin cells. This nutrition in turn allows the skin to return to its previous regenerative state, thereby retaining moisture more easily and at the same time replacing the old skin cells with new and healthier cells.

Elimination of dead cells

When you perform an erotic massage on the skin, a friction is created that removes the top layer of dead cells, which are responsible for your skin looking bored and unhealthy. As new cells that are under dead cells take their place, your skin begins to glow as it absorbs essential vitamins. All it does is create a cycle in which the skin is much easier to regenerate new cells.

Impurities eliminated

Another benefit of erotic massages for the skin has to do with the elimination of impurities. That is to say, through a massage in the body the glands are emptied of impurities and eliminated by sweating. Not only that, uric acid, as well as other unhealthy elements in the bloodstream, make their way through the pores in the skin, opening them up as the accumulated fats are expelled. In short, with an erotic massage your skin becomes healthier and more youthful.

Reduce the tension

Massage also helps improve the circulation of blood in the body, which in turn helps reduce tension in the skin and in adjacent tissues. Not only that, massage also helps improve skin nutrition.

Moisturizes and softens the skin

Another of the great benefits of erotic massages has to do with helping to eliminate dead cells. As a result of this elimination, your skin becomes moisturized, moisturized, as well as soften and nourish the skin. In addition to being beneficial in terms of the texture of the skin, it also helps to make it look more healthy and vibrant.

Improves your resistance to infections

With the exposure of the skin to different substances and compounds, there are many possibilities that infections and skin diseases can easily develop. Massage not only results in a skin with a healthier appearance, but also promotes skin resistance to infections. When the nutrition of the skin is increased, cell regeneration is also encouraged, resulting in the skin resisting most infections.

Sweat production increases

Although this may be of little relevance, the increased production of sweat from the sweat glands contributes to the excretion of waste products through the skin. When the debris is hidden under the skin, this represents a serious risk to health, in addition to causing many discomfort. An erotic massage helps achieve greater production of the skin glands.

Re-align scar tissue

After someone undergoes surgery, the scar is manifested by rising above the rest of the skin. The erotic massage in Barcelona also helps to realign the scar tissue, which causes the scar to be neatly aligned at the level of the skin. Similarly, an erotic massage also helps reduce pain and itching.

Improves the color and tone of the skin

A better circulation of the blood in the skin stimulates the dilatation of the capillaries. The resulting benefit of dilated capillaries, is that you get a better skin tone and color.

Refresh the skin

Finally, stress knows that it also causes havoc on the skin. But when you get an erotic massage, the skin feels fresher and healthier.