All about what you’ve always wanted to know about female orgasm

There is no doubt that one of the most pleasant and satisfying things that can be lived is sex, an act that causes multiple sensations in the body and that can lead us to experience orgasm, which is considered the climax within it and the moment where there is a greater load of sensations.

Today society has been progressing in the acceptance of issues about sex and it could even be said that in certain countries and places of the world sex is no longer seen as a taboo in its different forms.

About 50 years ago the whole issue related to sex and orgasms, mainly referring to women, was something very scandalous and cause for criticism. However, today these issues are already spoken more normally and this is due to the naturalness of knowing about sexual issues, one of them is the female orgasm.

It is true that women are more complex than men and not only in the way of being as an individual, but also in the sexual aspect, because compared to men, the orgasm of women mostly requires a little more time and dedication to be able to occur and when it finally happens, it is represented by extremely noticeable changes in the body, such as discharge secretion and contraction of vaginal muscles.

What is a female orgasm?

In comparison to the man where the representation of orgasm is ejaculation, in women, orgasm is defined by another type of body reaction.

In this sense, female orgasm can be defined as the sensory climax of intense pleasure that is accompanied by a momentary loss of consciousness due to vaginal pelvic stimulation, in the majority of cases it is represented by excess vaginal discharge and contraction of the vaginal muscles at the time.

In simple words, it could be said that female orgasm is the high discharge of neuromuscular tensions that causes a unique and incredibly satisfying mental sensation.

How to achieve female orgasm?

It is estimated that of 100 women, 30 have not yet managed to reach orgasm, either alone or with the help of a partner and this problem is often common in women, because we are not born knowing how to achieve an orgasm or what points to touch to have it.

In order to reach female orgasm, several factors are required that must be implicit in the sexual act.

Among the main ones that you should know is trust, clitoral stimulation, caressing and doing it with passion.


For a woman it is more difficult to reach orgasm compared to the man, but if the woman feels confident it is easier to reach him, since she will have the comfort of enjoying sex without pain or without feeling embarrassed, this will, in turn, allow you to enjoy and experience new things, as well as help you to know yourself.

Clitoral Stimulation

The clitoris is one of the fundamental parts to stimulate to reach orgasm, regularly in oral sex is when the greatest stimulation of the clitoris is achieved, it all depends on how the stimulation is carried out.


In the sexual act the caresses are essential and touching the body in a sensual, soft, slow and seductive way helps to create an inevitable excitement in the woman’s body and therefore, this helps to reach orgasm faster.


In some cases, a penetration is not necessary to achieve female orgasm, however, this is very helpful and penetration can be the cause of orgasm in certain cases. Everything will depend on the speed with which it is carried out.

Types of female orgasm

The female orgasm is more complex than the male and that is why there are 3 types of female orgasms:

  •  Clitorial
  •  Vaginal  
  •  Mixed

Each of them occurs depending on where the greatest source of stimulation is created and regardless of which one it is, each has its own sensation, just as intense but in a different way.

In conclusion, we can say that female orgasm is one of the greatest sensations that a woman’s body can experience and is worthy of feeling.