There are several ​things you should not do before a massage if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Whether it is an erotic massage, a nuru massage, or even a prostate massage, you should always prioritize your comfort and physical-emotional well-being.

The 8 things you should not do before a massage

You should not forget that the objective of a massage is ​to make you feel good and experience a sensation of pleasure like never before​. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you do not do things that can prevent this from happening.
Therefore, here we present the 8 things you should not do before a massage. Take note and don’t forget point #8. Our masseuses will thank you.

1. Do not expose yourself to the sun

Actually what we mean is that you ​don’t burn your skin in the sun​. If you do, your skin will become inflamed and irritated too much. In fact, when your skin is sunburned, it does so on large portions of your body, such as the back and shoulders.
Of course it is not a good idea to receive a massage of any kind, if you have sunburned skin. Keep in mind that masseuses must work through your skin and make vigorous movements to give you all ​the benefits of massage​.

If your skin is burned, none of this will happen, as it will be impossible to massage. It is best to reschedule your appointment for another occasion.

2. You should not drink caffeine before a massage

Drinking coffee or drinks that contain caffeine just before receiving a massage, prevents you from relaxing completely. The goal of a massage is to relax and forget about all those things that cause stress and discomfort.
With caffeine in your body, you’re likely to keep thinking about the activities and tasks you have pending. You will never be able to focus and much less you will be able to enjoy the massage.

Your body will remain tense and will not react well to the touch of the masseuse. Therefore, avoid drinking coffee before a massage.

3. You should also avoid eating too much

Another thing you should not do before a massage is ​overeating​. Consider the fact that in most massages, pressure is put on your back, and consequently on your stomach.

It’s just not a good idea to have a stomach full of food. At best, you may feel like you are going to explode, which is not a pleasant feeling. Instead, opt for a very light meal a couple of hours before your massage session.

4. Avoid physical competition before massage

Often many athletes and people who exercise come to the massage center after great physical activity. What they don’t know is that certain physical activities like marathons, triathlons, and extreme sports ​are really hard for the body​.
In these cases, it is recommended that you let a day or two pass so that your muscles rest and recover from physical effort. Not only will your body appreciate it, but you will better enjoy the massage.

5. Do not use lotions or oils on your body

Although we recommend showering just before a massage, it is not recommended to apply oils or lotions on the body​. What happens is that during the massage, special oils are used that most likely will not mix well with what you have put on your body.

6. Avoid using topical medications, patches or tapes

If you apply a topical medication to your skin, it can spread throughout your body during the massage. The ideal in any case is to wait until the day after the massage, to apply this type of medication.
On the other hand, both the tapes and the patches can make the masseuses not work on the area of ​​your body that really requires attention.

7. Don’t take pain medication

If you experience severe pain, such as taking medication, it is best to reschedule your massage session. When you use muscle relaxants and pain medication, it interferes with your perception of pain.
As a result, you cannot communicate exactly where you feel pain to your masseuse. You should also avoid all kinds of medications that thin the blood, due to the pressure and increased blood circulation that occurs during massage.

8. Withhold urine, don’t do it!

Maybe you think there is no problem with that since you can last for several hours. However, during massage, masseurs will apply pressure and push a large amount of fluid from your tissues into the bloodstream.
From here, those fluids will pass to the liver and then to your kidneys. Therefore, the last thing everyone wants is for you ​to feel like urinating just when masseurs work on your body .