There are many habits in bed that can ruin your sex life. If everything was perfect, your bedroom should be a sacred place for you and your partner. However, most of us have busy and imperfect lives.

Emails from work pile up and you use the bed to reply to them before falling asleep. Children may also come into the room and want to sleep with you.

What are the habits in bed that can ruin your sex life?

It is true that interruptions can occur. However, if you let them happen too often, it can affect your sex.

Here we talk about seven bad habits that you do in bed and that you should avoid if you want to have a healthy sex life.

1. Chat in bed

You don’t need to chat in bed about how your day was, or who should pay the phone bill. Save those unappealing conversations for another time. Couples should of course argue about the daily routine, but they shouldn’t do it in the bedroom.

There are many things in this type of talk that can certainly turn off any sexual desire or intimacy in the room. Even these conversations can quickly level up and turn into heated discussions.

2. Use the mobile in bed

According to a survey conducted by Asurion, a global technology solutions company. Almost three-quarters of Americans who live with a partner use their cell phone in bed.

Of the total of respondents, 35% admitted that their sexual life had been affected by the use of the mobile in the bedroom. Of course this is not recommended at all.

When using the mobile in bed, we are completely immersed in that technological world. Everything else around us seems to be non-existent, including our partner.

In fact, when your partner says something to you or asks you to pay attention, you may not even listen to them. In the best of cases, you will tell him to wait because you are looking at the mobile screen.

In any case, none of this contributes to generating intimacy and sexual desire in the couple.

3. Allow the children or the dog to sleep in the room

When it comes to very young children, this is inevitable. They may have had a nightmare or are in a good mood. The important thing in any case is not to make this a habit or routine every night.

Coming home and finding your partner asleep with your child is certainly nice, but it can ruin any sexual desire you may have had before entering the room. This can easily become a source of conflict and discussion between the two of you.

Something similar happens with pets. Your partner may feel less sexual desire due to the smell of the dog, or the simple fact that the dog is in bed.

4. Have a messy bedroom

A messy bedroom projects an image of dirt. Clothes thrown on the floor, children’s toys everywhere, containers with food scraps. None of this will motivate you to have sex with your partner.

Clutter simply kills any attempt at intimacy. Both men and women may find that their bedroom is not entirely romantic due to the amount of clutter.

Of course, it is a shared responsibility that the two must solve.

5. Work in bed

If you don’t want to ruin your sex life in bed, make sure you don’t take work to the bedroom. In case it is very urgent that you take emails or calls from your boss after work, the ideal is to do it in another room.

The bed and bedroom in general should always be associated with peace, intimacy, and romance, not the stress of work. So, put this bad habit aside and make your bedroom a no-go place for work.

6. Watch or read the news

It’s certainly good to stay informed, but doing it while you’re in bed doesn’t help your relationship much. It is normal that you want to lie in bed and catch up on the news.

However, the room is intended for you to focus on your tranquility and your partner. Checking the news in bed, particularly with current events, can be upsetting and ruin a night of great sex.

7. Turn the bedroom into a living room

It is not uncommon for parents to make the mistake of turning their bedroom into a second living room. Kids will always want to see their cartoons, and while you can spoil them a bit, it’s best to bring all that fun into the living room.

Although they love their children, couples often hate losing their private space in the bedroom. Therefore, if you value your privacy, you should not allow this to happen.