What happens during a couples massage … Are you New?

Couples massage is a service that has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more couples are looking to experience new sensations and give more passion to their relationship. In an erotic massage with a partner, both men and women receive a massage in the same room and at the same time.

The massages in couple

In couples massages, the couple can be a husband and wife, a girlfriend and her boyfriend, same-sex couples, mothers and daughters or even better friends. In addition, the couples massage takes place in a room that is at least large enough for two massage tables, which is the typical configuration of a massage center.

On the other hand, spas in resorts and hotels often create elaborate environments where couples can not only have spa treatments side by side, but also take a bath together, get pedicures, and spend time in a shower steam.

The benefits of a couple massage

Couples massage is an excellent option for when couples are in full romance and can not bear to be apart. But it is also suitable for those couples who have been around for a long time and who want to experience new sensations. It is worth mentioning that many treatments for couples in fact are designed specifically considering the romance, including time alone in a bathtub with rose petals, a bottle of champagne, etc.

It is well known that when you get a massage as a couple, you get a lot of benefits. During a couples massage, each person receives a full body massage from their own masseuse and simultaneously. Both experience a healing and rejuvenating treatment, with the added value of enjoying a shared experience.

When planning a couples massage, a space is created in the day in which both can enjoy an escape from obligations. If a couples massage is a new activity, you can create a feeling of exploration and adventure, as well as creating new memories together.

We know that there are many couples who have difficulties and limitations that do not allow them to achieve pleasure and intimacy. But when you want to spice up the relationship, couples massage is one of the best ways to get to know each other and get to know your partner. It gives you a new impulse and develops the chemistry in the relationship. Through a couple’s massage you can connect with the body of the loved one.

Intimacy increases

After a couple’s massage, the couple’s devotion and trust, as well as their sexual life, become more fluid, the treatment between the two is simpler, in addition to increasing affection, as well as companionship.

To know the body of your partner

With a couple’s massage, both men and women learn the art of touching and the use of the senses to achieve more sensitivity, and all this helps to strengthen the bond of companionship, love and friendship.

It intensifies the sensitivity of the body

In a relationship it is very important that the sensitivity of the couple and their orgasmic capacity grow, so the couple should try to maintain higher levels of pleasure. With this type of massage, the couple manages to intensify the sensations in different areas of their body.

You participate in something adventurous and erotic

Sadly the longer couples are together, it is sometimes more difficult to be sexually free for fear of being embarrassed. In a couple’s massage it is not about sharing the person you love with someone else, it is simply about trying something together, a new experience, something that will help them recognize sensations that they may have never experienced before.

You learn new ways to enjoy each other

Couples massage is an excellent way to explore your partner and learn new ways to get excited and satisfied. A session of body-to-body massage in pairs is an erotic learning

experience where tantric techniques can be performed on each partner while the other observes and learns. After that knowledge can be taken home and explore even more with the couple in privacy.

Nor should we forget that when a massage is allowed as a couple, the need to look elsewhere for what is not received at home is eliminated. If these sexual needs are overlooked, it is when there is a real danger that one of the two seek satisfaction in the other.