Types of high-standing personalized Dharma massages

In this opportunity we want to talk to you about the different types of Dharma massages that you can receive in a massage center in Barcelona. It is important to mention that all these massages are aimed at both men and women, being possible for the client to choose the masseuse, you can even customize the massage that is chosen through a series of supplements that are available.

It is, therefore, sensitive massages in Barcelona, suitable for all those people who want to live an unforgettable experience, which will not only benefit them in terms of the erotic, but also in terms of their health.

Tantric massage

This is a pleasant and very sensitive massage, in which the masseur in lingerie focuses all his attention on the intimate parts of the person receiving the massage, thus achieving to intensify the pleasure of his orgasm. While you can not caress the masseuse, at all times the client feels comfortable and satisfied.

Dharma Body to Body Massage

This is also a sensual erotic massage that stands out for having guided, body to body interaction and where the person receiving the massage, if you can caress your masseuse, which is half-naked throughout your body, with the exception of your intimate areas. The masseuse will make an excellent massage on the sexual organs of the person, so it will be a very satisfying experience.

Dharma Mutual Massage

In this case it is an interactive massage with an experienced masseuse. This means that the person receiving the massage can caress the intimate areas of the massage therapist and also enjoy a very pleasant sensation, with a wide range of tantric postures, as well as a relaxing lingam massage. It is important to mention that with this type of massage, clients can experience an incomparable orgasm.

Deluxe Sensual Massage

This is a type of complete and interactive erotic massage, which is loaded with sensuality, not to mention that it also includes an erotic shower with the masseuse. During this shower, the client can enjoy delicate caresses and a pleasant lingam finish. The great thing about this massage is that at all times you can interact with the masseuse to have a more pleasurable sensual experience.

Extreme Lust Massage

This is also a complete erotic massage in which the person can also take a shower and even enjoy a sensual dance with the masseuse who will be completely naked. This masseuse will perform a large number of tantric and kamasutra positions, as well as an impressive double Lingam.

Prostatic massage

In this case it is a very stimulating and highly pleasurable erotic massage, which is performed in the male prostate gland, which leads to experiencing an ecstasy like never before. It is a type of erotic massage that is designed for those men that want to experience a feeling of incomparable pleasure, all through a series of gentle movements that aim to gradually stimulate the different erogenous zones.

Nuru Dharma Massage

This is a massage in which a soft and slippery gel is used that is known as Nuru. It is an erotic massage that is suitable for any type of skin, because this is a highly moisturizing gel, without odor, in addition to being used as an excellent lubricant, it is even very easy to remove from the body. The massage is carried out with a fully nude masseuse, with whom you can interact, even caressing her private parts.