Tantric massage for women is becoming increasingly popular. Today’s woman recognizes her sexuality and her need to experience pleasurable sensations such as those provided by erotic massages.

In addition and as it happens with men, in an erotic massage for women, she decides what type of massage she wants and how far she wants to go. Obviously the Yoni massage is the most recommended, since it stimulates the clitorial and vaginal area of ​​women.

What happens during an tantric massage for women?

It is normal for some women not to feel fully prepared for an erotic massage session. However, it is important to clarify that all the masseurs available in Dharma Massages are professionals and know the different massage techniques.

What happens during an erotic massage for women is that you experience an indescribable feeling of pleasure. In addition, it is not only about the sexual component associated with massage, but also about all the health benefits provided by physical contact and stimulation.

Comfortable massage rooms

We know that most women tend to be sensitive to the environment and context. Therefore, so that you can completely relax on an interior level, our massage rooms offer you maximum comfort in a clean and pleasant environment.

In addition, you will find an orderly and distraction-free massage room. Blankets and soft pillows are also used to provide you with the greatest comfort while receiving the erotic massage.

Erotic massage with essential oils

Clean, natural essential oils are also used to help you relax more easily. This will also help you to better enjoy massage, not to mention that many of these oils have properties and benefits for your health.

Additionally, the aroma and fragrances of these oils are really pleasant and contribute to making you feel more receptive to the contact of the masseur. In fact, the sensation of the oil on your skin makes your experience much more intense and exciting.

Soft, sensual and light touches

The sensuality in an erotic massage has to do with provoking, stimulating and alerting your senses. Beyond that you can find relief from a muscle ailment, the soft and light contact allows you to focus your attention on the area where the masseur’s hands are.

In fact, the lighter and smoother the movements, the more exciting the erotic massage experience will be. It is even possible that during the massage session you reach a level of relaxation so high that you simply end up falling asleep.

Typically masseurs start with long, smooth movements, stimulating each part of your body. From head to toe, turning their hands slightly unpredictably until finding your nerve endings.

Communication during massage

During an tantric massage for women, communication is essential to determine the level of satisfaction. Therefore, massage therapists will make sure to check if you are enjoying the massage or if you need other areas of your body to be stimulated.

In fact, you will be asked if there is any area of ​​your body where you want the masseur to focus, or also somewhere you want to avoid.

Climbing to the next level

As the erotic massage session for women progresses, the excitement also increases. It goes from a massage in the area of ​​the back or legs, to a direct stimulation of the clitoris and the vagina.

None of this is rushed, the masseur will be in charge of stimulating your breasts and your thighs to achieve a deeper pleasure. Obviously the main stimulation will focus on your private parts.

At this point it is stimulated from the outside in, layer by layer. The folds of your thighs on both sides are caressed, also including the top of your vaginal opening and the clitoris.

Once inside, the masseur will focus primarily on your G-spot. At the same time, keep an eye on your breathing as gradually he increases speed and intensity.

From here, it will be up to you how far you want to go. However, the erotic massage you receive will allow you to enjoy an intense and pleasant orgasm.

At the end you will realize that erotic massage for women is a sure way to explore your sexuality. Even your body will receive all the health benefits of massage beyond sexuality.