The essential oils for erotic massages are the perfect complement to achieve maximum pleasure. In addition, massages are the oldest type of alternative medicine, so that beyond sexual pleasure, health benefits are also obtained.

How are essential oils used for erotic massages?

You should know that the masseuses at Dharma Massages will treat your body with great care. For this they use special tactics that allow them to provide a really pleasant erotic massage.

In a massage environment, essential oils are mixed with essential oil carrier oils. What carrier oil does is allow your skin to absorb essential oils without the risk that it may be too strong and cause irritation.

One important thing you should know is that erotic massage essential oils are known for their positive health effects. Also because they provide general physical well-being.

In addition, any erotic massage session can enhance the benefits by using an essential oil. Therefore, you will not receive highly satisfying sexual pleasure. Your health will also benefit.

What are the best essential oils for erotic massages?

Here we share some of the best essential oils for erotic massages. All of them are characterized by their relaxing properties and different benefits for your health.

1. Hinoki essential oil

This is an essential oil extracted from the Japanese cypress plant. This oil produces a slightly spicy and lemony aroma. It is easily identified by its light pink brown hue.

It is worth mentioning that this essential oil receives from a high quality wood. Also said wood was used to build many castles and temples in Japan. As for the properties of Honoki essential oil, it is known to generate an energizing sensation.

Your body enters a state of relaxation when applied. It can also calm nerves, it can even reduce brief agitation limitations.

2. Angelica essential oil

This is an essential oil for erotic massages, perfect for calming and relaxing muscles and nerves. Something interesting about this oil is that in Germany it is said that it can not only calm the nerves, but also promote happiness and a more peaceful sleep.

Today it is recognized as an essential oil with calming effects. Therefore, it is ideal for relieving pain and stress.

3. Geranium essential oil

In this case it is one of the best essential oils for massages due to its relaxing and stimulating effects. Its floral fragrance is responsible for the relaxing effect, but it is also good for your skin.

In addition, in traditional medicine, geranium oil was used to improve circulation, the nervous system, as well as revitalize body tissues.

You can find in different varieties what is good and what allows you to reduce stress on your muscles.

4. Lavender essential oil

Possibly one of the most popular erotic massage essential oils. In addition to having a fresh and sweet aroma, this oil produces a refreshing aroma. Not only that, it allows to create a comfortable and relaxing comfort, which is essential during a sexual massage.

It is also limited as one of the most versatile essential oils, so it is never lacking in massage sessions. Lavender scent can provide relaxation while promoting sleep, even increasing your energy levels.

5. Coriander essential oil

Another of the most recommended essential oils for an erotic massage is coriander essential oil. It is characterized by having a sweet and warm fragrance, which also provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Also this type of oil is often recommended because it promotes a healthy digestive and circulatory system.

Why are essential oils used in erotic massages?

Mainly for the health benefits you need. In fact, we receive an erotic massage session with essential oils, we are much more active, we breathe well, and we even improve their position significantly.

Furthermore, this can greatly improve your general physical well-being. It can also help release all those accumulated emotions that could be the cause of your physical ailments and chronic problems.