Many couples often overlook certain parts of the body as “boring.” However, exploring the body of your loved one and stimulating unexpected erogenous zones can bring a lot of pleasure to your sex life. It can also be a great way to find out what your partner likes and dislikes.

Beyond an erotic massage that is always welcome, there are certain areas of the body that, when stimulated, generate a lot of pleasure. In this article you will discover precisely those erogenous zones, and the way in which you can make your partner enjoy it to the fullest.

The best erogenous zones to generate pleasure

Without further ado, here is our list of erotic zones that can make you explode with pleasure in bed.

1. The inside of the wrist

Possibly you have never imagined that the wrist was an erogenous zone of the body with great potential for pleasure. However, and because we are not used to having the inside part of the wrist touched, this can be a really exciting area.

What happens is that the inside of the wrist has many nerve endings, since that is where the pulse point is located. It is also the first stage in which our body begins to be more intimate. If you want to give your partner a lot of pleasure, touch gently and allow her or him to realize that you are touching him sensually.

Don’t rush, take a second and be sure to make eye contact as this can help generate more arousal.

2. The nape

The kisses and caresses on the nape and neck are almost always very exciting. For this reason it is considered one of the most pleasant erogenous zones of the body. Even, according to a study, women prefer the nape above the breasts and nipples, as a pleasant erogenous zone.

In addition to being a sexy body part, it is also seen as a very vulnerable and intimate place. Therefore, if you combine subtle caresses with kisses on the neck and nape, you will find that your partner enjoys it enormously. Ideally, however, you should start on the sides of the body, with kisses or gently stroking with your fingers.

3. The glutes

Anyone would think that the buttocks have lost all sense of sexual pleasure, due to being stimulated so frequently. The reality is that it is one of the parts of the body with the greatest erogenous potential for both men and women. Of course the key question is how to take advantage of that erotic zone?

The answer is very simple, asking your partner how they would like you to touch their buttocks. You may be surprised to find that she loves gentle stroking, or even something a little rougher.

4. The scalp

It has surely happened to you that when you cut your hair, the feeling of someone else touching your hair is incredibly relaxing. But in addition to being somewhat relaxing, it can also be very exciting. Therefore, the scalp is another of the erogenous zones that can provide great pleasure.

Our recommendation is that you play with your partner’s hair, and make sure to give him an erotic massage on his scalp. Gently slide your nails through her hair and see how she reacts.

5. The area behind the knee

The area behind the knee is erogenous since, like the wrist, there are also many nerve endings. In addition, it is an area where we are rarely caressed, however, touching the entire back of the knees, and reaching the thighs, is something very exciting and intimate that generates a lot of pleasure.

You can try to gently touch behind your partner’s knee, this while he or she stands in front of you. You can also massage that area, first with some pressure, and then with a little tingling.

6. The earlobe

The lobe is considered the most sensual part of the ear, and to which the necessary attention is often not given. However, for many women, placing their hair behind the ear is very intimate and exciting. Therefore, if you want to cause a lot of pleasure in your partner, you can sensually tickle that area using your finger.

There are those who say that licking this erogenous zone can bring a woman to orgasm. However, it is best to ask your partner first, since in many cases it can be an unpleasant feeling.

7. The feet

While it is true that the feet are not exactly the most attractive part of the body to stimulate, there are people for whom touching, licking, or sucking, it is really exciting. Also, just because someone likes their feet stimulated doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a fetishist.

The foot fetish usually has to do with being attracted to other people’s feet, not feeling pleasure from having your feet stroked. So the next time you go to bed with your partner, ask him if he wants a foot massage and watch his reaction as you do so.