Lingam massage

Much is said about the traditional orgasm and also about the multi-orgasm, but little is said about mentions orgasmo expandido.

If you have never reached an orgasm of this type you should know that it is an experience much more alive than what you get with a traditional orgasm. It is a climax
more prolonged and intense than the one you usually feel.

The truth is that, although you have ever lived it, you may not know how you have
really reached If so, read on; we will tell you all our secrets to that you can reach an expanded orgasm almost when you propose it.

But before getting into the subject, we ask you:

Do you know what an orgasm is?

The RAE tells us about orgasm very succinctly. He defines it as “the culmination of sexual pleasure. ” And in countless books is told about this feeling of intense pleasure which has a great impact on the quality of life of people.

The orgasm or climax is specifically the sudden discharge of sexual tension accumulated, which results in rhythmic muscle contractions in the pelvic region and that it is usually accompanied by sexual pleasure.

There are many types of orgasms of different intensity. A man can reach reach climax without ejaculation (dry orgasm) or a woman can have it with ejaculation, what is known as squirting. And in the same way we can reach some orgasms much more satisfying than others.

What is expanded orgasm?

Far from having a relationship with a person or not multiorgasmic, expanded orgasm is the one that in itself doubles its intensity, transporting whoever he obtains a much more extensive and pleasant ecstasy.

The word was coined by psychologist Patricia Taylor and describes it as an experience lived similarly by both men and women. This experience usually lasts several seconds and even minutes until reaching relaxation and brings with it a great satisfaction.

Expanded orgasm and tantric massages

Tantra is the firmest and safest way to reach an expanded orgasm. And that it is because the ultimate goal of tantric massage is not obtaining orgasm but rather connection with one’s inner essence.

This lack of purpose makes each caress, each massage, each friction, be carried out without Hurry and without pressures of any kind. So that causes in those who receive them, an excitement very special that, as a general rule and although you are not thinking about it, it gives as result an explosive orgasm.

The expansion of consciousness is closely related to the senses and through the Tantric massage you will enjoy an extremely sexual and spiritual experience pleasurable.

Our expert masseurs will focus on giving you a sensual and sensory experience unlimited. The soft music, the aromatic candles, the tatamis and everything that surrounds the environment in our tantric massage center in Barcelona, is prepared to lead you, without you noticing, to a state of connection with yourself that will end with lingam completion obtaining an expanded orgasm, and not only in the genitals but it will extend to every corner of your body and it will take you to lose consciousness.

How to reach an expanded orgasm more often?

To live an orgasm of such intensity it is important that you put into practice the following habits and exercises.

1. Masturbation

Know and explore your body as much as you can. Discover where you like to touch yourself

and what touch. Once you discover which are your erogenous zones you can ask one of our tantric masseuses that focus on them, with what you will gain time and breadth
of sensations.

2. Live the present

Live everything you can in the present moment. This practice will help you not to be

Thinking of other things when you are receiving tantra massage.
Keep in mind that, if you are not fully aware of the parts of the body that the Masseuse is caressing you, it will be very difficult to reach an expanded orgasm.

3. Kegel exercises

Exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Contract them and relax them alternately at least five minutes a day. This will not only help you achieve expanded orgasms but also improve what you usually have.

You are in Barcelona? What are you waiting for to experience your climax to the fullest? Contact us, we invite you to live an unforgettable experience.