Female tantra also exists; We reveal it to you

A tantric massage for women is like a journey through yourself touring your inner universe. Throughout this trip, the loving and delicate touch of your masseur will help you connect with areas and aspects that generally do not receive much attention.

Probably the best aspect of tantric massages for women is that they allow you to get in touch with all your feminine potential. You will enjoy your feminine nature, your sensuality, pleasure and your ability to achieve an ecstasy like never before.

What is a tantric massage for women?

In tantra, women are considered the ones who lead the way through intimacy and sensuality. Women have a special ability to combine sensuality, love and spirituality.

However, we live in a society where women are not educated on how to express their femininity. Consequently, it can be complicated for a woman to feel and choose what is best for her.

They may also experience difficulties to show themselves with all their strength, beauty and sensuality. The good news is that all these limitations and blockages can disappear with a tantric massage.

In fact, once you discover who you really are, you will realize that the limitations, pains and tensions disappear from your mind and body.

Experience an erotic massage for women

The first step in experiencing a tantric massage for women is to select the masseur. Dharma Massages has professional male masseurs who will give you a respectful treatment and absolute pleasure.

The massage therapist you choose will welcome you and talk with you to make you feel safe and familiarize yourself with the experience you are about to live.

You will have the opportunity to take a shower to cool down and prepare your body. You will be naked for the entire duration of the massage, which will be adapted to your needs.

What is sought with a tantric massage for women is to wake up even more, that incredibly beautiful, feminine and sensual being that lives inside you.

Both the massage itself and the touch will help to awaken your erotic energy to distribute throughout your body. These types of erotic massages will awaken all your sensuality, allowing you to reach a quieter state of mind, in which you can surrender to pleasure and love.

A tantric massage for women also helps you experience the infinite erotic potential that lives in you. You can enjoy many different sensations in your body, completely new thoughts and emotions during the massage.

Yoni massage

Normally, during the tantric massage for women, a yoni massage is also provided. The yoni massage is basically a gentle and respectful massage of your yoni (vagina), which in tantra is seen as the source of a lifetime.

This massage yoni can make you connect with your female core at a deeper level. At the same time it has a highly curative effect in terms of pain, tension and problems.

All this will help you feel more sexual desire, pleasure and orgasms. Of course, your massage therapist will ask if you want to receive a yoni massage. If you do not feel comfortable with this, then you will continue to receive the wonderful tantric massage that you have already been enjoying.

Therefore, you do not have to decide before the massage, but you can also decide based on how you feel during the massage. What you should know is that yoni massage is an excellent opportunity to experience a loving, healing and respectful touch of your most intimate being.

And you don’t have to give anything back, do something in return or react in a certain way. The yoni massage complements the tantric massage for women, so it is done with the most sincere desire that you enjoy your inner sacred space in full awareness and in accordance with what best makes you feel.

If you opt for yoni massage, you will initially experience a gentle massage in the outer area of ​​your vagina. The masseuse will use your fingers with tenderness and respect and will proceed to massage and touch the inside of your yoni if ​​you feel ready and comfortable for it.

You can express any and all sensations and reactions, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. And if you only want the tantric massage you will receive the same attention, dedication and respect to give you a unique and unforgettable experience.