The P male point

Did you know that you can have an orgasm that gives you an absolutely different pleasure than what you get through penis stimulation?

Yes, as you read it. In addition to the penis you have other erogenous zones that will give you unforgettable orgasms.

It is the orgasm that is obtained through a massage in the so-called male P-point, which is nothing more than direct stimulation of the prostate. He who has lived it knows that the pleasure that is obtained through this type of massage is incomparable and if it is carried out by means of a tantric massage, the sensations are much more intense still.

Prostate massage: down the taboos up the pleasure!

Prostate massage has a large component of taboo and thoughts related to homosexuality. If you are one of those who believes that feeling pleasure through the anus has something to do with the sexual tendency, there is nothing further from reality. What it has to do, and a lot, is with the expertise of whoever performs prostate massage.

The tantric prostatic orgasm is obtained through the stimulation of the prostate through the rectal wall and, although it sounds strange to some, the sensation of pleasure that men reach is not comparable to any other type of sexual arousal. Do not be afraid to experience new emotions.

In fact, the orgasm you will have is quite different from that achieved by stimulating the penis. You will open a totally unknown dimension of pleasure that will give you a sea of ​​pleasant and deep sensations.

Some of our clients have defined it as an incredible surprise and claim to have been ecstatic before the climax achieved with this practice.

What is the prostate?

To understand why a prostate massage produces so much pleasure, it is important to know exactly what the prostate is.

According to the dictionary, the prostate is the “gland of male mammals that is attached to the neck, the bladder of the urine and the urethra and that secretes a whitish and viscous liquid whose function is to stimulate the movement of sperm.”

How is a prostate massage done?

Prostate massage is not difficult to do, but it takes experience. That is why the most advisable is that the first time you receive it is from a professional.

If the person doing the massage does not have a shoot, you will not feel what you should feel.

In Dharma Massage, in Barcelona we have masseuses of great experience. In your hands we augur sensations that will leave you perplexed and that you will want to repeat again and again.

The main thing is to go slowly, step by step and with good lyrics. The masseur must know how to find in your body the point P, which is the equivalent of point G in women.

Once the rectal area is correctly stimulated, prostate massage can be done with a vibrator, a penetration harness or directly with your finger, that is up to you.

The moment the nerves around the bladder are pressed, you will get an immediate excitement.

It is at the end of the urethra that the blood pressure and body fluids are concentrated and upon receiving the massage you will feel a sense of heaviness. At this precise moment is that you can even get an orgasm without ejaculating.

If you manage to control the ejaculation, your erection will increase considerably and you will get a spectacularly intense orgasm.

And where is that famous point P?

Point P is located in that magical door called rectum, in the prostate, next to the neck of the bladder. It is an area full of nerve endings accessed through the anus.

It is essential that the masseuse or massage therapist inspires you with full confidence, that it helps you to relax and that it teaches you to control your breathing. In this way you can make the sensations are intense.

Like everything in sex, the important thing is creativity. Feeling good and making the other feel good is essential to enjoy prostatic orgasm. Leave out prejudices, forget limits. Free your mind.

Do not you dare to try it with your partner because you do not trust his/her inexperience?

Dare, contact us right now and ask us for a prostate massage; we augure intense and surprising sensations.