Anal massage, an essential form of anal foreplay. It can be a great way to excite your partner and prepare her for anal intercourse. Although some men and women, they do not see it with good eyes. It can actually generate great pleasure.

Next we will talk about the preparation for the anal massage. We will also tell you the techniques to stimulate the anus. If you do it carefully, and follow our instructions. You can give your partner an unforgettable erotic anal massage.

Why should you give your partner an anal massage?

Both men with their penis, and women with their vulva. They have been blessed with countless erotic nerve endings that are located at the anal opening. Therefore, you can stimulate those endings with your tongue.

You can also do it with your fingers. In both cases, the result can be extremely pleasant. Also, anal massage is a perfect way to prepare the body for anal sex.

How to start with an anal massage?

Before doing anything, it is important that this is done by mutual agreement. Ideally, have a previous conversation in a room where you and your partner do not have sex regularly. Even where they don’t plan on having sex.

That said, the bedroom is prohibited. During this open and honest conversation, the two of you must wonder if an anal massage is something that both of you want to do. If either of them answers no, the other must accept that answer.

It is not good to pressure your partner to do something that they are not comfortable or comfortable with. But if they both say yes, then go ahead.

Tips for proper anal hygiene

It is very important to wash your hands thoroughly before and after an anal massage. In addition to the more obvious aspects, it is certainly a good idea to trim your nails and keep them as short as possible.

We also recommend filing the nails to make sure there are no sharp edges that can cause tears to the anus.

If after all of the above, you are still concerned about hygiene. Then, the most appropriate thing is that you use a glove. You can also use a nitrile finger condom.

The best lubricant for anal massage

Of course, when it comes to an anal massage. It is always advisable to use a lubricant. However, you should preferably opt for a lubricant that is silky smooth and lasts for a long time.

One of the most recommended anal lubricants is coconut oil. The reason is because in addition to being very versatile, it is an easy lubricant to find. It is also great for anal play.

The best anal massage techniques

Once you have covered the subject of anal hygiene, and you have chosen the most suitable lubricant. It is time to put the following anal massage techniques into practice. All of them are easy to do, but you need to make sure you do them carefully.

Start by drawing large circles on the anus

The best way to start an anus massage is by making circular movements around the edge. Make sure to lubricate the anal opening beforehand, and also apply lubricant to your finger.

Draw smaller circles

Another excellent technique to do a pleasant anal massage is to make small circular movements around the anus. You can even intersperse between large and small movements.

If you massage a man, don’t forget to stimulate his penis and testicles with your other hand. If it is a woman, you should do the same with her vulva and her clitoris.

Swipe of a finger

To give your partner a different sensation, stroke her anus gently, using just one finger. Occasionally taps her anal opening. Little by little your anus will begin to dilate.

Three finger swipe

Using three fingers to massage the anus, offers a more extensive stimulation. In addition, it is usually much more pleasant.

Rub with a finger

Rub the anal opening to improve sexual satisfaction. If necessary, use a little more lubricant.

Rub with three fingers

Do the same as before, but this time use three fingers to give your partner more stimulation.

Use both hands

When you feel ready to engage both hands, rub downward to provide your partner with a multitude of sensations.

Make sure to rub the edge of the anus with both hands. If your partner is comfortable, you can also use your tongue to lick or penetrate.

Progressing from anal massage to anal penetration

Once you have perfected all these anal massage movements. Your partner could be ready for anal penetration. We are obviously talking about finger penetration.

Like anal massage, anal penetration often provides incredible sensations. In addition, it involves inserting a finger or fingers into the anus to obtain sexual pleasure.

Men will usually find anal penetration incredibly enjoyable. Especially since it can lead to stimulation of the prostate. That is, the equivalent of the G-spot in women.